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The Issue:

Graphical Problems, Glitching and Artifacts in game, poor perfomance slow frame rates even with the Latest drivers.

3-4 Dead Pixels on screen.

Problem Solving:

After having my new Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop for a few weeks, I began to notice marked drops in gaming performance. In addition, my LCD screen had since I got the laptop 3 or 4 dead pixels, which after trying to ignore finally annoyed me to the point that I had to do something about it.

I decided to use Dell Online Technical support. At first, Dell decided to try to "Take control of my laptop to troubleshoot the issue." As a somewhat advanced user this was somewhat annoying and frustrating. The Dell technician, basically poked around my computer, messing with settings in the nvidia control panel. It seemed like a stalling technique. but I allowed it. Finally the technician decided to install some older Dell drivers. Needless to say it did not solve the problem

Finally the Technician transfered me to her supervisor, who informed me that Dell would replace my LCD and graphics card and that a service person would come to my house.

2 days later, a technician arrived and replaced my LCD and graphics card. The Technician was knowledgable and friendly and worked very quickly. An hour later, my new LCD and graphics card was installed and working fine.

Unfortunately, several days later I noticed a issue with my Refresh Rate being stuck at 59 Hertz. Back to Dell Tech. Support

After troubleshooting the issue in much the same way. Tier One support informed me that they had taken the issue as far as they could, and that in a few days I would receive a call from higher level of support.

4 Days later I was called and the Dell Supervisor got to the point quickly saying that they would ship me a new Replacement shipment in 5-7 buisiness days..

Overall, the Support experience was frustrating, but I finally got to what I wanted which was a Replacement system because mine was having nothing but trouble.

So in the next few days, I will be getting a new Dell Inspiron 1720, when I do I will write a in depth review of the system :)

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Nice job, Garandhero. I've had similar experiences with Dell and perseverance pays off with them. Looking forward to that system review :)

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Thanks! Ill make sure its real nice with pics and stuff, like Blackbird's :)

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I got the same problems as yours with my 3D Card, stuttering like hell, unstable, sometime lost 50% of my fps. I will contact day tomorow... Will see

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Alienware/Dell's support is the worst I have used. You were lucky it was still under warranty. I actually had to pay to get my Area51 m5500 fixed and even then it wasn't guaranteed.

I seriously recommend HP/Compaq/VoodooPC for laptops anymore.

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The worst ? Take a look i call them for the first time this morning, and in ~6 days i will got my new card replace by technician... God bless DELL

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Guest JohnSketch

I've been a long standing user of Alienware NoteBooks, and found the customer support to be rather good.

Back in 2004 I purchased my very first notebook from them: a yee oldee m766 - 3.4Ghz P4, 1gb ddr ram, 128mb 9700 mobility radeon and so forth, this machine was my pride and joy! Alas though late 2006 it began to have a few teething troubles (screen blacking out/Hard drive failures) and so Alienware Support offered me a brand new m5550 - 2.2Ghz Core 2 duo, 1gb ram, 128mb x1400 radeon and so forth. I was a happy chappy thanks to the 3 year warranty purchased with the original machine.

It got better though! I was experiencing a few technical isues with older software I use for work - not liking the dual core set-up and so after about a week going to and fro with Alienware I was upgraded, for free, once more to the m9700 which I currently now own.

Went from the m766 to the Aurora m9700, with it's fantastic 1900x1200 resolution and vastly improved gaming performance with the go7900, within the space of 3 years, 1 warranty and 2 free machines later.

Can't complain about that!

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You must have been on the phone with an American representative and not the guy from India or Bangladesh. Lucky you. Be thankful.

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