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Dual View Issues


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Hey guys,

I'm new here. Just bought my first laptop a few weeks ago and everything is working great, but I just ran into a problem.

Here are my system specs

- Sager NP5791

- Nvidia 8700m GT 512mb

- Using drivers that shipped with system, not sure which version.

- Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

I have a 22inch benq widescreen lcd. My laptop has a DVI out. I'm trying to use the dvi cable that came with my lcd to get a dual view setup. I've tried cloning the screens, i've tried extending my desktop onto the lcd, but I always get a corrupted display on the second display.

I've used the drivers that shipped with the system and i've tried a handful of drivers from the forums. 169.09, 169.21 etc.. Nothing seems to be resolving the issue. Also wanted to note that my laptop does NOT have D SUB out, it only has DVI out.

I'm going to give Sager tech support a call tomorrow, but thought I would ask here as well.

Thanks for your help.

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What is the resolution of the monitor, and what resolution does the laptop try to run on it? (does it work with some, but not others?)

Maybe the DVI out is broke (should work out of the box obviously). Can you test the laptop on another monitor, or a HDMI/DVI plasma TV or something?

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The monitor is native 1680x1050. My laptop native is 1900x1200. It tries to run both at their native resolutions, but neither works. I tried adjusting the resolutions and color depth, but that has no effect either.

I would try it on my lcd tv, but that has a D SUB input, not DVI. Might try to get a dvi to d sub converter and try then. It is a bit annoying.

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You need to press Fn+F7 to enable the DVI out. Once you enable make sure the LCD is connected and go into Device Manager, right click on a monitor and select Scan for hardware changes. After this, vista should open a dialog box asking you what you want to do with the 2nd display.

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