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[Vista] 169.28 and unable to revert back

Guest FrancoisH

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Guest FrancoisH

Hello there,

Just installed the 169.28 on my Vista Computer... but when I tried to revert back to 169.25, I got a problem... installer go through procedure without installing drivers... I tried everything, including installing old WHQL from Dell (which work) and uninstall them, use Driver Cleaner after that, and clean both drivers and Control Panel, without success.

If you have any clue about what's happening, thank you for your help.


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After some attempts, I have been able to reinstall 169.09 from your website but it still impossible with WHQL (169.25) either with nVidia package or laptopvideo one... Both go through process without installing anything. This all started with installation of 169.28...

I still unable to see where the problem is... if you have any clue...

I think it's related to international version (or not) of the driver because my Vista is in French and 169.28 was in US English only version... Some driver accept to install, some don't... Driver Cleaner is probably unable to remove an important information in Register or a file that make impossible to install new drivers...

I tried to update manually drivers (via Device Manager) but it say it is unable to find driver files when I point out the directy where drivers are uncompressed into.

Thank you for your help.

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Nobody have aclue about this issue ?

I'm desperate... I wan to revert to 169.12...


Finally I solved my issue... I deleted three entry into the C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository which was nv_disp.info entries who had not been removed, due to the installer of the 169.28 improperly used ahead of previous version... it's now solved and work perfecly... I just had to use Vista tools to change owner of the files and directories... In fact, Vista check these files before and wasn't able to find all driver files (it's related to the fact I'm using a french version of Windows Vista and the installer was US English only).

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