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Good drivers for Dell m1730

Guest Zaccubus

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Guest Zaccubus

Good drivers for Dell m1730

i just got me dell m1730 but it kinda running slugish on most high end games im not looking for high gfx but low so the games run fast and smooth so it more playable on ut3 i just wanna get a nice stable running 60fps on most maps but it having trouble any drivers For windows XP

my setup atm

2.2ghz core 2 duo t7500

2.gb ram

8700m gt sli

windows xp home

drivers running atm 156.15

if anyone got any ideas of good drivers or some tweaking that would be awesome


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Guest USAFgamer

If you?re in your 21 day return window. I'd recommend sending it back and getting a Sager NP5792 or any other platform with an 8800M GTX

I had the Dell M1730 and found the performance lacking for the cost and weight of the platform. This is mostly due to the limited memory (256mb) and memory bandwidth (128) compared to other graphics solutions. Add the fact that some games just don?t like SLI and it?s a recipe for frustration.

Running a comparison: (same proc/ram/hdd) current OEM drivers:

Dell M1730 w/ 8700 SLI vs Sager NP5792 w/ 8800M GTX

3Dmark 2006: 8023 vs 8840

Crysis: All Medium at 1280x800 low 20s fps with M1730

All High at 1680x1050 mid-high 20s with NP5792

The other factor is price and weight with the NP5792 winning in both categories. The dell system and power block weigh 13.76lbs (one HDD) and the Sager weighs 11.1lbs. This doesn?t include the power block being well under half the size of the Dell?s. I was embarrassed to take the 1730 power block out of my backpack at 3.1 lbs and the size of 2.5 DVD cases stacked on top of one another. It was laughable.

With that said, I loved the Dell?s keyboard backlighting, Logitech gaming LCD, accent lighting, sound quality, and overall look. But at the end of the day, you gotta have FPS at resolutions above 1280x800 and I just didn?t get that with the current SLI configuration. Once they get 8800GTX?s in that thing, it will be an awesome system. But I can?t see the value of getting that now then having to invest another chuck of money to upgrade it in 2-4 months when the 8800s are available.

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If you really want to save some money. Buy the lowest version of the Gateway P-Series notebooks at best buy with the 8800m GTS. Not as good as the sager np5792, but the 8800 gts will still kick the 8700's arse. My friend got the sager at the same time, and is pretty jealous I got the p-series with the GTS for only $1350!!!

The RAM is ok at 3gb, but the cpu sucks (C2D at 1.6ghz). I plan upgrading to the penryn at 1.5ghz with 6mb L2 chache when it's available. After I upgrade ill have the following notebook at around $1700 after the cpu upgrade:


Penryn C2D 2.5ghz with 6mb L2

Nvidia 8800m GTS


250 GB 5,200 rpm HD (with an extra hd bay to spare)

Vista Home Premium (32bit)

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