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TV-Out Prob. 8600M GT Acer Aspire 5920G


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Hello Guys...!

I want to connect my TV via S-Video-Out.

With the original Drivers of my Acer Aspire 5920G - no Problem!

But after installing the new Drivers from Laptopvideo2go (163.x --> 169.28) - No real signal on my TV. Just some flickering while opening the Control Panel!!!

The weird thing is that (in Control Panel) my TV is shown as a HDTV.... but it isn't a HDTV... just an old TV!!

I am running Windows Vista (32 Bit)

Hope anyone has got an Idea!

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same for me. except im using dell. is there no one who can help us out?

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The solution ist very simple: stick to the running driver. I also spent huge amounts of time trying out new drivers and I got back every time to my old one.

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yeah but the dell drivers are s***ty. 156.55 works slow plus heats up quickly. try Xtreme G mobile 163.67 from tweakforce.com . they work fine with dell. tv out but not overclockable

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What a great tip - when i stick to the old working driver, i'll loose about 10% performance.... :)

But i'll try the one from Tweakforce, thx for advice

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Guest Hinin

On a related note, this exact problem has been reported to Dell and forwarded onto their hardware guys (I also run a Vista Inspiron 1520 with the 8600M GT). A change to the nVidia UDA reference drivers appear to have introduced this problem around end of 2007 / beginning of 2008 since that's when the failures started (can't remember the exact revision), but the last beta driver I tried from nVidia in December 2007 still worked and everything else since breaks.

The tests were done using INF files from laptopvideo2go.com and drivers from nVidia.

Now I guess it's a matter of waiting to see if a solution is forthcoming...

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Guest Thornberg

I have the same laptop as in the threadname, and it worked perfectly to watch video on my tv via S-VHS with the pre-installed drivers. The only problem was that the latest games i had (Bioshock, Crysis) didnt work for me at all. So i installed 163.44...

An amazing driver update, both Bioshock and Crysis are working perfect right now, at high resolution and everything. But my TV-out is pretty f*cked up right now! Instead of showing my movies fullscreen, the moviescreen is smaller than my tv-screen, so you have a very irritating edge around your movie, and the movie is too small. Also, after a while of trying to fix it, my tv screen gets the status of first original screen :S the only way to fix this is to reboot.

Is there anyone who can help me out? I love the way my games are behaving right now, so i dont want to loose that... But i wish my tv-out would work like it did before. Just a copy of my laptop screen ALL OVER my tv screen. Perfect...

tnx alot in advance

grtz, Menzo

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