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Toshiba Satellite X205 unrelease beta VGA driver


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Nice driver, thanks!! :)

Only OpenGL is not working :)

I can't run Google Earth and Bryce... it says: "NVidia OpenGL Driver Driver components mis-match. Exit is the only option."

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I have a X205 S7483 using the 167.45 Vista 32 bit drivers currently. I'm reading that there is an improvement over the factory default drivers Toshiba puts in, but would I get an improvement over the 167.45? (Particularly in the game department.)

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brxace You are the Man!!! been using your driver for about 4 weeks now, "ABSOLUTE PERFECTION" you saved my machine....No problems at all. I went through the same BS you and everyone else had to, (I tried 30+ drivers over 8 months) but you actually did something about it, Bravo. So to anyone wondering, the best driver for the Satellite X205-S9359 is this one. In fact it is the ONLY driver that isn't Glitchy on this setup. Thanks Bro you brought my computer back from the grave, i was ready to Ebay it, :)

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Guest TheFallen

Hi, I have a x205-sli3.

I dont know if im special or what. I cant seem to get the drivers to install. uninstalled my old drivers, restarted, then used setup.exe, it starts the install program then says

"The NVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. setup will now exit"

What am I doing wrong?

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can i install it on a 8400M G?

or is it only for 8700?

Installed fine, ETQW wouldn't load. Rolled back, my cpu screen went black & white :)

Reinstalled later drivers.

Thx anyway

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