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Solution to NVLDDMKM video display error

Guest sasukeownsfools

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Guest sasukeownsfools

Ive been searching for a long time for a solution to the annoying NVLDDMKM error.

I found this in a thread. I hope it helps some of you. It helped me.

no credit to me.


" have found and fixed the problem today. This is what appears to happen.

during the installation of the most current drivers 100.65 Vista, an OLD file

nvlddmkm.sys is copied into windows/system32/drivers and not the current one

in the install. As a result the new drivers are attempting to access a file

dated 11/2006 instead of 2/2007 ver which is in the newest WHQL

driver ver 100.65 vista 32.

Fix: Go to windows/system32/drivers and rename nvlddmkm.sys to

nvlddmkm.sys.old. Go to the nvidia directory and find the file nvlddmkm.sy_

and copy it to windows/system32. Using the cmd window (DOS box) type

EXPAND.EXE nvlddmkm.sy_ nvlddmkm.sys. When the expansion is complete, copy

the new nvlddmkm.sys to windows/system32/drivers and restart the computer.

Your computer should now work properly.

You will notice that any uninstall and reinstall of nvidia drivers will not

remove the old nvlddmkm.sys file and will not overwrite it with the newer

version. You have to do it manually. I do not know why this happens but who

cares as long it is fixed.

Good luck..."

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Hmmm should I try ^THIS^ before trying a new driver? seems like it would work..And it probably wont ruin my machine since im just changing a file name.. Thanks alot- im gunna try this, other people need to read this solution too!

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