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NVIDIA driver series explained


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Hi, I have a dell xps m1710 with a 7950 gtx go and am having trouble finding a good driver for windows 7. So far the best performing has been using the dell xp driver and forcing windows 7 to use them, but then I loose the aero UI. Any other actual windows 7 driver seems to work like crap...anything I can do? Any drivers that are recommended for this video card and windows 7?

In what way do the drivers work like crap?

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In what way do the drivers work like crap?

VERY slow. Best example is with World of Warcraft. Under windows xp, game ran perfect. Upgraded to windows 7, and can barely go two feet without dropping to 3 to 10 fps. And thats with ANY windows 7 or vista driver I've dried. When I used the old xp driver under windows 7, the game ALMOST ran as well as it did with xp. Only drawback was losing aero.

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Guest Squall

I have a Dell XPS m1730 with a 8800M GTX Sli graphics card.

Had Vista before and it came with the 167.55 OEM drivers. Never had a problem. Updated to Windows 7 and it every day I reboot atleast 27 times. All I require are some stabe drivers, just to use the internet and some videos. That's all.

But can't find any stable drivers. Dell on their website say they don't support Windows 7 for this laptop. Yeah, real nice when you paid half a leg for the lappy.

Anyway, I had found some middle ground with 195.81. It atleast gave me a few hours before dying. Recently it started dying too much and have not installed WHQL approved 197.16 drivers. Let's see how this goes.

But for an average user, it shouldn't be so hard. Sites like these are the saving grace. Thanks for all your comments, and every bit of detail and explanation helps since not everyone is so savy with computers.

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Hi all -

Apologies in advance, but I really am a noob. My crowning achievement within the realm of gaming and computers was creating boot disks to run games like Falcon 3.0, X-wing, Wing Commander, and the like. Fast forward to the present, and the sophistication of the modern UI has allowed any skills I had to atrophe. I'm just trying to update my current graphics card, Nvidia GeForce GO 7600, and am finding it incredibly difficult to figure out what specific driver I need. I've read the FAQ section and have tried to decipher the world of the .inf, but I'm really struggling. Would anyone be able to help me select the right file? I think I can follow the guide the rest of the way in terms of extraction, installation, etc... Thanks so much in advance, and sorry for bringing the IQ of the group down. "Who let THIS guy in?"

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