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8700 gt Problems


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Hi, I've used the drivers on this site for a while now, so first I want to say thanks for all the work you guys do to provide us with them.

Ok, My problem is this. I've had my Toshiba X200 for a few months now, and I was never keen on windows vista. So the other week I decided to reinstall windows XP.

Toshiba don't really provide much support for XP anymore, but luckily there were drivers for all the important things i needed. Except display drivers.

As of now the only driver that I have successfully managed to get working is the GeforceGo 156.55 drivers.

I have tried all the drivers from 160+ on this site and each one installs fine with the modded INF, however upon restarting my display is at the lowest resolution, colour depth, and graphic settings. When I investigate further, the graphics card is no longer recognised by Windows and is displayed in Device managed as an uninstalled unknown VGA controller.

This is puzzling as I have used the drivers from this site before on other nvidia laptops, as well as this same laptop when it ran Vista.

Any help or insight would be appriciated as running on these outdated drivers is somewhat annoying.

(for reference my laptop is the one under my name, with WinXP rather than vista)

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Hi, i'm running the X200 under xp since the beginning, because i need xp for my work.

I've tried many drivers and all of them have worked very well. What you can try is to dl the drivers from nvidia and use the modded inf from this site, if it does not work you dl the drivers from this site and the modded inf.

If it still does not work, try to make a manual install through the manage device panel and find the drivers on your computer.

There is no point explaining why it does not work, so know that it works on my laptop then keep hope :)

I hope you'll get to fix your problems,


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Thanks for the response Cojy.

I was wondering if it was just my computer that was behaving oddly. I might try and reinstall windows XP tonight, if that does not solve the issue I might go back to vista :)

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