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Overclocking XPS M1730


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Hey guys,

I have been trying to overclock my 1730, Specs are below:

T7700 (2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo)

4gb RAM

8700M GT SLI

2x 160gb HDD's

Vista Ultimate x86

169.04 (driver)

Im using ntune, because for some reason rivatuner made 3dmark06 crash every time and i was only monitoring the temp for gpu's.

Before testing with just the stock 169.04 driver i got a score of 8254 on 3dmark06.

im still testing and im up to 695/970 atm, my recent win was at 675/850 which i got a score of 8737 on 3dmark06 (anything after that has failed), oh and the max temp has been 68ºC but it doesnt happen much normally its around 67ºC .

Normally what happenes when it fails is 3dmark06 freezes or hangs.

Wondering what your scores have been for this laptop?

EDIT** 675/850 is not stable, just crashed on me.

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Hey All...

I also have an XPS 1730

X7900 overclocked to 3.0

Vista Ultimate 32bit


64GB Solid state Primary drive and a 200GB 7200rpm Secondary drive

PhysiX card

Using the 167.45 drivers and the mod INF I get the following scores on 3dmark06 Basic

Factory default - Core 625, Memory 800 - I get 8797 3dmarks

Overclocked - Core 725, Memory 900 - I get 9810 3dmarks this is stable for game play

Overclocked - core 775, Memory 925 - I get 9980 3dmarks but the system became unstable after about an 40 mins of game play so that was no good

I hope this helps..


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Just had a go at those drivers and 3dmark06 crashed with default settings :-\

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