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Guest kiwidiwi

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Guest kiwidiwi

I just has got a question. I have an Acer 5920 with a 8600M GT and when I playin Games like COD 4 or something like that my

GPU temp raise up to ~92°C.

Is this a very critical temp or when starts it.

And my next question is, which Coolerpad for a 15.4" Notebook is the best.

Greetz kiwidiwi

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Well to put it in perspective for my dell inspiron 1520, my 8600m GT reaches a max temp of around 57-60 when playing crysis, unreal tournament. And idle temp is around 48. What is the idle temp of ur gpu? Do you use nvidia monitor to measure the temp? From what i've heard any temp over 80C for a gpu is bad news.

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Yea, the 8600GT can handle upwards of 85c under load. Anymore and the cooldown process might begin. Acers have been known for crappy venting, but if you really wanna fix the temp problem, here's what you do:

1. Open up your laptop and use compressed air to clean all dust off every part

2. If you can, put thermal paste (Arctic Silver 5, the best and most expensive) on your 8600 and cpu while you're at it, it should lower temps by 8-15c.

3. Get a notebook cooler. Here's a good one for $6. It has 3000rpm and can change the air 30 cubic feet per minute. In comparison, mine is 28 cfm and only 2800rpm, and lowered my temps 7c and mine only has 2 fans, not 3 like so.

4. Make sure nothing is blocking the back of your laptop, like if it's up against a wall.

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My xxodd laptop 8600mgs my gpu temp idels at 58 - 60 and when gaming its from 79- 85 ....

Graphic card temp tresholds are 125deg for laptop cards.

I think your temperature is fine but the lower is always better.

Where do you live? i live in malta and since its a hot country my temperatures are always high and i have a coolermaster cooler for my laptop but the temp still doesnt go down .You cant expect laptops to be frozen down especially if your living in a hot country.

The only remedy there is to this is to buy a pc where you can put more advanced cooling while having your laptop last longer :)

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