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Geforce 9800 GX2

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Moved to news for you.

The fan on that almost looks big enough to cool my whole laptop. :)

If its just 2 G92s than a laptop with SLI'd 8800M GTXs would be the laptop equivalent.

2 8800M GTX MXM IV boards with cooling units is also smaller too....

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Not sure why there is a GX2 as it is just 2 SLi'd 9800's or really 8800's but I assume with a die shrink.

What happens if one card breaks ?

Being stuck together means replacing both ?

With 2 cards in SLi then at least replace just one.

This will never come to a laptops as I doubt nVidia will ever make a dual MxM cards hardwired together.

What would be good is when the die shrunk versions come out.

ie 9900 GT, GTS and or GTX like the 7900GS, 7900GTX, 7950GTX)

Not even sure why he G9x are called G9x as they are just G8x series GPU's.

I would have thought the G9x series would have been a whole new series of GPU's

Anyway just my thoughs.

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Most quad SLI setups rely on 2 of these types of cards hooked into 2 PCI-E slots, not 4 separate cards. (at least from what I've seen)

I hope Nvidia calling the new cards with a 9 series name doesn't mean the new cards are canceled or pushed back.

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