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Major crashes while installing the driver


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Ok... so after I posted, I decided that since in my resolution screen it mentioned that I had a NVidia Chipset of GeForce 7150M/NForce 630M while the adapter type was NVidia MCP67M I download the 169 driver and nfo file and followed instructions to a T. This is what happened....

(Info on my system is on my profile)

1) FAQ said I needed to uninstall the current driver - I did. Immediate result: "blue screen of death" right after uninstalling. Had to restore system completely

2) Tried the installation of the updated driver via the "have disk" instructions. Got as far as "install anyway" before major system crash. Had to restore system

3) Closed down Windows Defender and Windows Live Care and tried installation by the Setup.exe mode - result:major crash. Had to restore

4) Disabled driver and tried installation through the "have disk" method - same result. Had to restore

5) Tried the installation through setup.exe - had to restore

6) tried installation through "have disk" with no changes to the current driver - had to restore

I should mention that all these crashes happen at the very end once Windows ask me to "Don't install or Install Anyway" and I cick on "Install Anyway" as the have disk instructions specify.

I'm at my wits end. Now, I'm afraid to even try anything else until I can figure out what I'm doing wrong. My current stuff is:

I have two display adapters:


Driver Version: (showing in the driver manager window)

Adapter Type: NVidia MCP67M (showing in resolution screen)

Chipset : GeForce 7150M/NForce 630M


Driver Version:

When I try to update drivers through Windows it tells me my drivers are up to date. What am I doing wrong????

Thanks again! :)

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