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Acer Aspire 5520g MXM II?


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I've attached an image I took of my Acer Aspire 5520g with nVidia 8400m G (128MB) - is this what looks like a MXM I card in a MXM II capable slot (v2.x by looks of heat sink?)?. I also note that some Aspire 5520g configs come with an 8600m GS - possibly indicative of MXM II thermo capability?

Anyhow - the 8400m G OC'd (3dmark06 ~1300) in this rig is OK for WOW, a little sad for the likes of Tabula Rasa and nearing slide show for the latest FPSs.

I've read with interest the posts regarding the Acer Aspire 5920g and the ASUS cards. On balance - would the 5520g config illustrated be worth a punt on installing an ASUS 8600m card?

(edit) The motherboard on my Aspire 5520g is identified as an Acer Fuquene - looking at the service manual for the Aspire Fuquene Series, the included system block diagram illustrates an "MXM II VGA/B" block

(edit) I have also been able to flash the VBIOS on the card with OC settings using nvflash - suggestive in itself of MXM? The int 15 SBIOS "function 0" callback test failed, however I note the following string in the bios I extracted from the card using nvflash: "ERROR: MXM Structure not found or invalid. Reflash MXM ROM or add MXM Structure and associated callbacks to SBIOS!". I presume that the system therefore uses the MXM ROM approach (via serial link DDCC - how to test this though?). Re 3dmark06 score noted above - more aggressive OC (525/586) settings flashed to BIOS and a move to 163.67 drivers, I measured 1537 for what it's worth.


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I am also in search of this answer..

Has anyone replaced the video card in this unit (5520) at all????



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Guest jacob korf

I also thought the 5520g has a MXM II slot. Because i went to the store where i bought my laptop and they said

i can replace it with a 8600 card just for about 200 euro's. I'm thinking about it.

What do you think, is it worth it? (i mean, the videocard is fine, but for most fps games i need at least 256 mb of integrated memory)

Thanks anyway (sorry for bad english)

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