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crashes on team fortress 2

Guest shultays

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Guest shultays

hi everyone, i am using acer 5920g

core 2 duo (2.4 ghz)

nvidia geforce 8600m gt turbocache 512 mb

2 gb ddr2 ram

vista 32 bit

i was using a driver from this site for playing bioshock with direct 10. i could play it with nearly full settings and there was not any problem with game.

but after that i installed team fortress 2, after playing 1-2 hours (or less, it seems like random i am not sure. some times it does not crash for a long time) game crashes and in windows it says "your video card stopped to respond" (or something like that i am using turkish vista version) with some alt tab and ctrl alt del, i can continute to playing game in 2-3 minutes. also sometimes game does not crash ( i can hear sounds) but only i can see is long triangles which has one corner at the center of the screen (sorry i cant explain it, english is not my first langauge).

after that i installed drivers from acer's site. this time this over heat problems seems like less but there is another weird problem. nearly all textures all something blackish (some textures are normal) i can move and play game, also water in the game seems normal. alt tabs usually solve this problem.

i reduced all graphic options to low but it is still same, i also tried a notebook cooler it didn't affect much.

as i said i played bioshock also played half life 2, portal they all seems work properly.

now i am downloading 169.28 driver frım this site, do you recommend this? or what should i do? i don't know much about using this drivers, can you give advice which one i should use?

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yes 169.28 works best for me 8600m GT so does 167.49

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Guest shultays

also while installing the driver for bioshock, i didn't remove my old driver and i only replaced the inf file and run the setup. and again for the driver i installed from acer's website i just installed it. can this cause a problem?

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