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8600M GT not hitting overclock speeds


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Hey everybody, I used RivaTuner 2.06 and 169.09 drivers, and I overclocked my 8600 to 600/1200/460, yet no matter what game I play, Crysis, for example, the monitoring application built-in to RivaTuner never shows my clocks going over 324/648/229.5, which isn't even normal clock speeds. My lappy runs pretty hot, GPU going up to 91C for those settings, but even at lower temps, like 83-86, it never goes above that. What can I do?

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Well the weird thing is that my 3dmark06 score rises as it should, and seems consistent with everybody else's scores at these overclock settings. So maybe Rivatuner is just wrong?

Here is what should be stock settings:


Here is 540/1080/440:


Here is what I've been playing at, 600/1200/481:


And here is even higher, 621/1242/500:


Now, if you notice, Rivatuner's Hardware Monitor shows that I never break 400/700/400, but then how do I get these scores? If someone has any ideas or alternate utilities that can track this, it would be awesome. Thanks.

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Look at your Nvidia control panel, and for Mobility turn off PowerMizer. The reason you are getting high scores is because PowerMizer underclocks your video card until you do something graphically intense, such as the 3DMark06 benchmark. It spikes up to the clockspeeds you OC'ed to then, because PowerMizer tells it to go up when it's needed.

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But Rivatuner doesn't show that. Did you look at my pics? Those are of the history Rivatuner recorded during 3DMark06, and the speeds never go up.

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