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Here is my Issue, This is my 2nd night with my Brand new DELL XPS M1730 And have been spending much time getting it Optimized and tweaked..

Dual 256 MB 8700M Cards

Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ

4Gb Ram (Useless on 32 Bit Vista home premium)

Using Nvidia Stability Test with SLI Disabled It sits at around 120 - 130 FPS (Using Fraps)

with SLI Enabled it sits at around 60 FPS... With the same 3D settings.. This is really ticking me off because I thought it was supposed to run Faster....

I also Ran UT3 and WoW a few times to test and it still ran a little better with SLI Disabled on both games.

I have driver version 169.25 from Nvidia using Modified Inf from this site..

Still running at 1900x1200 with SLI and detail turned nearly to minimum it sits between 30-50 Fps and with SLI Disabled it will sit maybe an average of 5-10 higher...

Can anyone shed some light on this situation, I'm beginning to think there is no point having a second card...

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Oh and I should add that I have been researching this topic for about 10 hours non stop and still haven't found an answer

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Now the FPS On the Stability Test won't go over 60 fps with SLI Disabled, I didn't changed anything and all of a sudden it seems to max out at 60 fps

Using NVMonitor it is telling me GPU Core (3D) 168 Mhz and GPU Memory 100 Mhz at the moment, SLI Disabled.. Even if I change it myself to 650/800 it still tells me 168/100...

Do i have to send my laptop back, It appears Video cards just don't want to work properly

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try using riva tuner to reset driver values to default settings, ive had a similar problem when installing drivers on my m9750, for some reason it declocks the card but this has fixed my prob every time

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I downloaded RivaTuner and don't really understand how to use it, I went all the way back to the 156 drivers for my cards but can't uninstall those to reinstall higher drivers over the top...

Why can't I just Run it in SLI And run it sweet and everything work haha.. Never happens to me no matter what I buy

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When I install a driver for One card it does the same for Both, I installed the 167.45 Drivers and After that SLI Is Disabled so I turned Fraps on and Checked the Frame Rate in Wow.. Approx 45 FPS sittin in the one spot

RivaTuner tells me the Card is running 675/1350/799

Update: Fiddling with Colour Settings I was able to manage 70 fps (16 bit colour, 1 multisampling)

Update with SLI shortly- Ok After reducing the colour settings and some other detail settings for performance keeping the Res at 1900x1200 I was able to get it running around 100 Fps and around 150 fps sitting in a small room. I'll try the same settings and same area with

SLI disabled- Still runs about the Same with the same settings if not Faster. Was running up to 170 Fps with 1900x1200 and all the details and effects set to low.

Tried UT3 with SLI and it ran (1900x1200) at about 35 fps average in a Duel Game..

UT3 with SLI Disabled ran about 30-32 fps..

UT3 SLI Mode Enabled with Res lowered to 1440x900 and turning off all AA and Vsync etc got me about 30-50 fps, hardly ever actually hitting 50 though.. Is this all there is to be expected from Dual 256mb Geforce cards?

UT3 SLI Disabled with Res lowered to 1440x900 etc etc = about 30-50 fps still... no change by the looks of it, About the only thing I've noticed is Dual Cards running the Logging in Screen on WoW Faster, that is the only noticeable difference with SLI Mode

(In both Cases Processor Running at 100 percent majority of the time)

(Note: With SLI Mode I checked the Display Properties and it tells me the graphics dedicated memory is 256mb, should it not be 512 in SLI?)

It seems as if sometimes the SLI Mode just slows it down or doesn't work at all. Confusing the hell out of me

I am now getting approx extra 10 or 20 fps in SLI Mode standing in same spot in WoW

But UT3 Still seems to gain no performance and doesn't run extremely quick.

In the Login Screen loading Wow is over 1100 Fps with SLI and about 600-700 SLI Disabled, wish i could see this sort of percentage Performance Increase in game play...

Can anyone Recommend software or Drivers which could have my Dual 8700's running as they should with Vista 32bit?

Help would be greatly Appreciated

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Use the driver 169.28 with mod INF which can be found here. I had the same problem when I first bought my m1730. But later drivers from this site fixes my issues. Also, do not forget to install Windows Vista hot fixes. You can find those in NVIDIA site (http://www.nvidia.com/page/home.html)

After installing the hot fixes and the drivers, activate your SLi. Run a series of benchmarks. 3Dmark06 is a good test run to know whether your SLi and the driver is compatible. You should get around 7900 - 8200 score accoordingly to your spec. If everything goes smooth. Try to tun your games. If you are statisfied, leave it be. If not, try messing around with the NVIDIA control panel on the SLi configuration. I usually set all my games @ Force Alternate Frame Redring 2. Works great for me.

Note though... do not expect super FPS performance in these games. Usually, people expect around 120-200 FPS running the games you've mentioned in this machine... my advise is.. DONT expect that much. You'll just get disappointed. Remember, this is still a laptop. =) However, you can expect to have all eye candies ON in WoW with super crispy graphics and detailed evironment and still run at 30-100 FPS with the M1730.

Also make sure your machine isn't overheating. Sometimes when my GPU overhear, my driver dies and even hangs the game I am playing. I know when my driver dies when my screen flickers, then suddenly the crispy graphic that I am super proud off suddenly turned blurry and fos drops significantly.

Also note that when recording videos in fraps. FPS may be uber low. Fraps has some issues running on dual Vid Cards.

Let me know what happened.


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Guest Alfonso

I just found your post which I think is great... after hours looking for help for my M1730. I see there are several new and updated versions of drivers. Do you still suggest I use the 169.28 or a newer ? I play WOW.

Thanks for your help!

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