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Problem with 8-Serie (8600m) stuttering/slowdown found


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A lot of people noticed the stuttering of the 8600M GT (And other cards from the 8-Serie)

There were some "Stuttering Fixes" on the Notebookreview:


Those "tweaks" helped a little for most of the 8600M GT users but now Nvidia comes out that there is a problem with the GPU's

People from the Notebook Review forum had contact with Nvidia:


" Hi everyone.. I have now together with "blackbird" from here, found the problem many of us are suffering from when it comes to 8600m and performance, bad gameplay experience and unrelated slowdowns. Sit tight now... this news wont be good.

As it is today the stuttering/slowdown/low fps or whatever its been called is a Nvidia error with not too much bright future.

The problem occours at random 8xxx series cards without any logical relation to system OS or configuration.

To put it simple, its the 8xxx series gpu that randomly screws up managing texture memory, which means it leaves textures in the RAM both on the video card and in physical mem, which eventually with in 10-30seconds will become full, and your machine will slowly choke to death = slowdowns.

Nvidia does know this problem and have says to be working on a fix, however! last time they told the public it would be fixed soon was in July 2007 :/ yet we havnt seen any or anything near a fix.

So basicly most of us got an expensive laptop wich is broken, so decide people.. wait for the maybe very late nvidia fix, or claim your money back and go buy something with an ATI mobility card instead, because they are by far at the top of the game right now. Nvidia has screwed up BIG time!

I could continue for a long time explaining the problem, how it all fits together and such, but instead I advice you all to read the 2 articles below (quite short) and watch the youtube video last. Those 3 will give the preciese explanation of wich many in here couldnt understand.






Good luck everyone.

And thanks to Blackbird for helping me out."

This is the topic that is started on NBR (NEWS ANNOUNCED BY thomaskc.dk from the Notebook Review Forum).

So, Let's hope that Nvidia will release a fix soon...

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Mmmmm, might this explain some of the crashes I get with my 8600 GT? TF2, most critically, will randomly crash to black screen with the standard vista "driver has stopped responding" message. Ocassionally it might recover, but usually HL2.exe just crashes or even locks the system.

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Guest Ed_Oscuro

It's gonna suck if the "fix" comes with a performance hit.

Personally, I haven't had any problems at all with my 8600M GT, aside from some predictable low framerates when running at full resolution (including the bit of TF2 I played offline), but...I won't say it's harsh to call the GPU "broken" if it's giving that trouble to some people. Not me, though (not yet, at least)!

Ditto for my 8800 640MB GTS which I've had for over a year. If there really is something going on, I apparently didn't notice it or chalked it up to something else with my systems.

Man...I've only had my laptop w/ 8600M GT for a month or so, but it's been a wild ride already.

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Guest Ed_Oscuro

Hmm. I just got Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines for Steam.

Installed on two computers: my desktop (same specs as before) and my laptop.

Desktop computer has some issues, i.e. the logo movies didn't show up (now that I think about it, that was a problem in Dark Messiah, heh), but it runs the game great (most of the time - it crashed a few times early on) at 1600x1200. 60 FPS with occasional dips of a few FPS. There are some bugs (the cabs, which you need to travel around unless you can use the sewers, aren't showing up for me), but it's playing nicely.

Vista laptop time! Uh, playing on the default low resolution (800x600, I think) is horrible. Noticable skipped frames - it's not like a stutter where the game is hanging for a fraction of a second; it's just things like notably fewer frames showing up.

Maybe this is related to this issue, maybe not. It's not pleasant, certainly.

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Guest Ed_Oscuro

Additional thought: Vampire seems to have more trouble than Dark Messiah (which is odd because Vampire is one of the first two Source engine games, whereas I played Dark Messiah with HDR enabled), although I've only watched the (realtime) cutscenes so far. Will have to try it out during this week to see what's up. I also should try playing vanilla HL2, because any engine fixes would likely make that play better, not Vampire. Again, Vampire is legendary for its bugginess, so maybe I'm reading too much into this result...

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