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Graphical glitches have started happening?

Guest Mooflay

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Guest Mooflay


I'm on a Dell 1520 with 2.2gig dual core, 2 gig ram, 8600M GT w/ 256mb graphic memory, and Vista 32bit.

When i first got the laptop (28th dec) it ran games brilliantly, Orange Box, COD4 on high with good (30+FPS), using the latest drivers from this website (169.09)

However, recently (last 2-3 days) it's been giving me strange graphics gliches in *all* games, mainly what i would probably call textures being stretched... like, things extending off into the sky, on objects seemingly at random.

The laptop never crashes, or has crashed, in-game (thought it might do now and i haven't played with these strange glitches in game long enough to find out)

I haven't overclocked

I have virus-checker/firewall etc running (though i don't think its that)

I've tried turning all the settings down to minimum/changing textures, etc, but that doesn't work (and it occurs in both Source games and COD4)

I tried downloading the Nvidia monitor to see if my card was overheating, but strangely the monitor reports no temperature for my GPU (just says 0 degrees constantly, even when playing games etc; monitors CPU/Mem usage and other functions ok, though)

I've tried rolling back drivers to the default, but that doesnt work (Should i try some other available drivers? it ran with the 169.09 ones for a long time, though.)

So, yeah, basically, i have no idea what's wrong. Is my GPU broken? (I have a warranty.)

Thanks in advance,


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I don't really know why it doesn't report you temperature in nvidia monitor. I have the same laptop as you, I am using 169.28 with no problems whatsoever. Try installing that driver first. Also you could try downloading rivatuner and see what gpu temperature that reports

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Guest Mooflay


Rivatuner is exactly the same. temperature of 0 degrees reported. Other reporting functions are fine.

Do you think the temperature-reading dohickey is broke? would that seriously affect whether my fans are working at the right speed? Should I set my fans to constant 100% when playing games? (if i'm plugged in..) I fear that my fans perhaps aren't cooling because they think i'm running at 0 degrees!



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Mooflay, that sounds like a likely guess. If setting your fan to 100% fixes the problem, you should investigate the missing temperature monitor. It sounds like sensor has failed or the connection has come loose.

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Guest Mooflay

Hey guys, update on that;

Managed to get the temp gauge working with new drivers (169.28); and the graphical glitches still occur. Card is working at a cool temp, average by the standards round here, circa 50-60degrees c.

Anything else it could be?

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