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Drivers issues with G1S


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hi guys

i have the asus G1S anda i'm really glad with the pc, running some great games in good configs

but when i firt played gears of war it said that my driver was old and that i should have at least the 163.75

after some research i found out that from the Asus webpage i could only get as far as to the 101.38

and i thougth it was the best i could get because the nvidia site says that i must download the drivers from asus page

but now reading some posts around i found out i can install the newer drivers using these moddeds inf u guys talk so much about

the question is....whenever i try to download the official driver i get this


by doing the install with the modded inf am i going to get the same error?


i've seen that there people who know a lot about laptops....hope u can help me out here :)

just one more thing....i just instaled everest and was looking at the temperatures and they look pretty high to me (but again...i know pretty much nothing about this)

i get : 49º TOSHIBA MK2935GSS (whatver this is)

74º GPU

65º-70º for the each core and the processor

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Yes, that's the very problem the modded inf fixes. Just put the modded inf into the folder where you've extracted the driver files and you should be all set.

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great :)

thanks for the help...and any comment about the temperatures? :)

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yeah forgot to say..i wasnt playing....just browsing and at the messenger

maybe installed something right before i checked the temps but that shouldnt matter right?

at least not for the GPU

and even though the temp is high....i've never had any problems like crashing from overheating or crap like that

i just got out of Call of Duty 4 and the temp went up to 79º

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