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Quality or Performance ?



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  1. 1. Wich is more imporant for you: Quality or Performance ?

    • Quality
    • Performance
    • I'm not sure...

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For me, it's performance. I preffer playing a game at 60FPS on 1024, than playing a game at 30FPS on 1280. :)

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Hi i think in some Games it is important to play with high fps like Counterstrike: source(60 fps), etc. in this games you have to be fast and with just maybe 24 fps you cant get any frag.

But in other Games like Bioshock(40 fps) i think it is important to play on max. graphic because, the shdows and the atmosphere is very important and it sucks to play on a old pc...

I hope the word atmosphere is right... i am from austria :)

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when i play UT compeitively for my clan - FPS over everything else, all gfx details low, lego gfx to maximise fps and visibility

when i play any other game - quality every single time, i want to be immersed as much as possible, although i do have a 30fps limit, but given my rig that aint a problem :) (Crysis maxed out on high quality @ 1680x1050 = 48fps avg)

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Personally, I would rather have Quality AND Performance, Which is why they design games the way they do, to look good AND perform well, but with the whole "OR" in the question I chose Quality over Performance; and with that said, Some games like cryis, when i first got i only had a BFG PCIE 6800 OC which is actually still decent for the OCing on it, but then playing crysis on LOW wasnt cool at ALL, so I overclocked the WHOLE system, I dont remember the specs but i was able to run crysis with high settings for a week before a fan died out =(

But anyways that said, I do prefer Quality more, yet I also want performance, So I make them BOTH work.


Bah Im going to bed now. :)

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Is it too much to ask for both? Personally I really do want high frame rate but the game has to look good. I get decent frame rates in COD4, Gears of War, Bioshock but with Assassin's Creed, the game lags slightly so I have to overclock. I think I got a lucky one of the 8600m gt's out because I have overclock to 690/975 and stay stable and get decent frame rate in Assassin's Creed with 4xAA on at 1280x800. Quality is important, performance is more important but give us both and its even better.

When in doubt, don't turn down. OVERCLOCK!!

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i prefer quality and want to play as the developers intended and hence i turn off all optimisations in the NV CP, play games at max settings with AA.

then again i can afford to do that.

if i had a midrange card then obv i would have to turn down the settings.

but i prefer highend cards if i can afford it.

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For me, I absolutely must play the game at the native resolution of my display. However, things like Antialiasing (or the lack thereof) don't bother me very much. (But, I enable them if my card can take it.)

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With the kind of card i have i can overclock all i want and still won't be able to enjoy new games on anything but the lowest. So it depends. I guess I work with what I have!

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