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C90S GeForce 8600M GT


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I recenly bought my first laptop; C90S.

Im pretty satisfied with it except that when I play games (Medieval 2, war in conflict etc.) the screen suddenly goes black after 5-10 minutes of gaming. Sometimes the sound continues with "flickering" and sometimes it all stops. I can hear the fan working very loud and the led lamps (ON button etc. is on/blue)

I have installed the newest driver from your site for my Vista 32 bit version ( I even uninstalled the asus boost programme and are now running powerplan "high performance"

What may be the problem? Overheating perhaps? It stands on a normal wodden table so...

Thank you all in advance for answers.


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Well you could download ntune and see what temperatures your gpu reaches when playing games. Also the 167 series drivers dont seem to be as good as the 169 (latest 169.28) for games. You should try using the 169.28 driver first. Also use ntune from nvidia to check what temperatures your gpu reaches. For my 8600m GT (256mb ram) I get an idle temp of around 48 and max 60 when playing ut3 or crysis demo.

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