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Guest Jean-Christophe
?? I have a C2D T7500 and a 8600m GT and I got better than that at default clocks (around 4700)... with a slight overclock (+20MHz +30mems) I got over 5000 points :) Your score should be at least 4900 or something like that :)

That's called resolution. You ran it in 1024x768 an he did it in 1280x1024

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Okays I've got an ASUS F3Sc notebook w/ 8400M G graphics card, installed this driver just two days ago.

PowerMizer now works correctly, yay haha~ :)

It seems many of you are having trouble with this driver on battery, however I tried it today and OC works for me. :)

All I did was:

1) install the driver

2) uninstalled the existing nTune tool, manual reboot

3) redownloaded & installed nTune from nVidia website

4) setup tool to OC using rules and profiles

So now basically it would only OC for performance when I need to game, eg CNC3, BFME2, Generals & BF2142. Saves power & cuts down heat / noise.

Also remember to create another rule to turn off OC when you exit the game application!

I hope this would help those of you who couldn't get OC working on battery.

Edited by derek328
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Drivers - OC Speed - 3DMark06 @ 1280x800

v171.16 - 620/1240/750 - 5321

v173.65 - 620/1240/750 - 5377

v173.80 - 620/1240/750 - 5418


Pretty good driver! OC and Power M works!


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Just tried these out with my dell xps m1730 with the dual 8800M GTX's, and I the stock drivers performed slightly better than these, I also tried the 174.16, they sucked even harder. Tested both with SLI on in Crysis, 3DMark etc..

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increased my fps a bit in half-life 2 and my aero score went up from 3.2 to 3.5 :)

overclockable and very stable :)


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i cant instal it it says it cant find driverprograms for my hardweare :s

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download the modded inf as well and move that into the extracted driver folder, then run setup.exe

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ok tnx ill try that whats that inf file what the function of it?

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It allows you to install NVIDIA drivers compatible with only Desktops for Laptops. There might also be a change in performance/quality in some modified infs.

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After installing this drivers I saw some problems. When I play games temperature of cpu and graphics increase up to (60-69 cpu/ 65-70 Grph), but the result in games is much better. Is it normal ? Or I sholud install other drivers?

T2330 1.6Mhz


GF8400m G

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