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memory clock being is a litle dodgy


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ok normally its on 400mhz, but if i take it too far in over clocking like ive just done, where settings where:

clock: 630

shader: 1250

memory: 500...........

now it then after a bit goes into safe mode or something where.....


Clock: 182.25

shader: 364.50

memory: 799.20.............

now is this a problem with the rivatuner or driver, where it is not picking up the ram type correctly and is downclocking it, but when it does something strange the drivers/bios rivert it back to normal?


is it a riva tuner/driver problem where one is crashing and overclocking it to 799......

now strange thing is, that its perfectly stable like this....infact after this post i will benchmark this settings on gears of war......

what are your opinions, will be greatly aprecieated...

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ooh, before i could do the benchmark, its locked out the nvidia drivers....damn this is either a big big problem, or a cool cool feature in vista....(im used to 2000)

basicly, theive gone...i cant see nvidia any where, in the device manager VGA is generic and run by generic vista drivers...lets re install the drivers....hehehe

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drivers reinstalled....running smoothly.....never the less, still not detecting it as ddr3

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Well, some 8600M GT cards do not have ddr3 ram, only ddr2, unfortunately.

but when i over do it, it reverts to safe settings in which the memory runs at 799mhz which is imposible for ddr2 to get into.

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