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Guest ender707

My card is an 8600m GT DDR3, without even overclocking, this thing idles at 76C and while playing games it runs at 95C. ntune monitor and rivatuners monitors agree on this temp. It seems really hot compared to what people with Dells and other brands with 8600m GTs run at. Overclocking does not seem to raise the temp more than 1-2 degrees, which also seems wierd.

Does anyone know if this is normal for the ASUS G1, or why it is so hot?


Intel Core2Duo 2.2ghz

2gb ram

8600m GT DDR3

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Guest ender707

Well this is crap. I can play everything fine (Crysis, Timeshift, Counterstrike, UT3) at high/medium settings with no problems from the temp, but I wonder why mine would be so hot compared to others. The case does not seem to have good airflow and I think thats why, but im pretty sure your case is the same as mine.

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Note that some laptops (like dell) use DDR2, which probably means the memory can't keep up with the GPU, so it doesn't work as hard...

Those temps are very high (assuming the sensor is accurate). I would look into having it serviced by Asus - they'll probably re-apply the thermal material. Or maybe try fooling around with speedfan if it works for you...

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