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Hi @ all, i m just a new member, and my english is not one of the best, but i ll try to explain my trouble.

I ve done the downgrade from Vista to XP with my acer Apire 7520G, but i don t really know what i have to install to make my video card work !

I m trying everything but my knowledge about are not so much.

Can someone help me please ?

Can someone tell me what kind of file, driver or anything else have i to setup ? PLEASE !

Thank u all !

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download 169.28 that seems to be working best for the other users. after extracting the file replace the original inf in the extracted folder with the inf you downloaded from this site. Then install

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The 169.28 version drivers are not good for this video card! I tried them because I have the same laptop and video card as the poster of this topic! I have tried allot version already and none seem to work properly! If someone can be so kind to help us with this, then I would be most gratefull.

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I have been using the following driver versions on an Aspire 7520G (8400M G):

- 156.83 (indicated on this site as latest 32bit XP driver)

- 169.04 + inf (28/10/2007

- 169.09 + inf (12/11/2007

- 169.21 + inf

I did not try 64bit version of XP as some of the Apps I use have issues with this (also the reason why I downgraded to XP from Vista.

simply remove any nvidia driver first (!)

reboot, and install the drivers from this awesome site (replacing the inf file before starting the install ofcourse)

3DMark05 results (default settings after driver install - no overclocking):

- 169.09 = 1611

- 169.04 = 1610

- 169.04 = 2058 (overclocking 500/500)

- 156.83 = 1957 (!)

it appears that the 156.83 is the driver which works best on my configuration - this could be different for yours ofcourse.

hardware: Acer Aspire 7520G - 2Gb - 2x160Gb - 8400M G 512Mb (reported by nVidia Config)

I have a huge problem with my brand new Samsung 305T (30") though - but will make a separate post on it..

Powerstrip report:

Diagnostic report - generated on 2/3/2008


PowerStrip build - 595

Windows build - v.5.1.2600.2.Service Pack 2

DirectX build - v.5.03.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

OpenGL renderer - (n/a)

System board


CPU speed - 1900 MHz

Type - 5.03.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

Transfer mechanism - DMA

Non-local memory - 502.2 MB

Graphics card #1


Identity - Acer Display controller

Memory clock - 400.00 MHz

Engine clock - 400.00 MHz

IRQ - 17, not shared

PCIe version - 1.00a

PCIe link rate - x16

Display driver - nv4_disp.dll, v.

DirectX driver - nv4_disp.dll, v.

Attached monitor - LPLA002 (Plug and Play Monitor)

Monitor caps (1) - 1600x1200, 0kHz, 0Hz

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Just go back to Vista if XP is giving so much trouble. It is more responsive and looks prettier.

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Guest Michael Dewing

Hey all!

i got the same sorta problem but im tryin to load these drivers------Nvidia Geforce 8400M 256MB GS

to the new install of vista black edition. i got the aspire 7720G.

any ideas? or links??

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