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For sale: Toshiba VGA board NVIDIA G72MV - 256MB VRAM on-board + 1GB DDR2-533MHz SODIMM RAM


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Toshiba VGA board NVIDIA G72MV - 256MB VRAM on-board + 1GB DDR2-533MHz SODIMM RAM

I have the following used (but in perfect working condition) parts to sell all together:

a) 1 used card for Toshiba Satellite A100/A105 laptops - part number: V000060740

(price of new is US $240 or ?398: http://www.centralpoint.nl/p/Toshiba/V0000...d-nvidia-g.html - a lightly used one like the one I am offering would be of equal quality but too far much cheaper). A perfect upgrade for those of you having a Satellite A100/A105 with the inferior and slower G72M card with only 64MB of onboard VRAM (this is known as V000060730). Both the V000060730 and V000060740 have exactly the same physical dimensions and connection/slot mapping and can replace each other, but the V000060740 model is much faster, truly dedicated (256MB) and more overclockable (core: 450 MHz and mem: 380 MHz (= 760 MHz) and temp never exceeding 62 oC under heavy and prolonged 3D use -- Vista WEI: 3.7 and 3.3). These are photos of these cards (not mine) to get an idea about how they look: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=16837

b) 1GB used DDR2-533MHz SODIMM laptop RAM modules.

Please IM me if you are interested in both a + b above. The offer comes with a free (PDF) official Toshiba A100/A105 Service Manual for installation instructions.

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