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Sager 5792 Notebook Review!


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Sager 5792 Review.

Overview and Introduction to Sager Notebooks:

Sager isn?t that well known a company but has been around over 20 years, selling High End ?Gaming Laptops?. They are official resellers of the Clevo brand notebooks. The Sager 5792 is no exception to the High End laptop scene, and is without a doubt intended as a Desktop Replacement system. Sager has a reputation for innovation, incorporating the latest technologies into their system, and as proof were one of the first to offer the High Performance 8800M GTX Graphics card, and recently the new Penryn processors.


Sager 5792

Vista Home Premium (64bit)

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.40GHz, 800MHz FSB

4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz

200GB 7200rpm SATA 300 Hard Drive

GeForce 8800M GTX with 512MB DDR3

17" WSXGA+ (1680x1050)

Built-in 8ch Azalia Sound System (with 8 external speakers output

without External decoder)

Intel® 4965AGN 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN

Bluetooth V2.0

Built-in 2.0M Digital Video Camera

Integrated Fingerprint Reader

1 Lithium-Ion Battery (8 Cell)

Inputs and Outputs

1 DVI Port

4 USB 2.0 Ports

4 multi-function Audio Jacks

1 16c550 Compatible Serial Port

1 RJ-45 LAN (10/100/1000Mbps)

1 RJ-11 Modem

1 IEEE-1394a Fire Wire

1 S-Video TV-Out

1 TV-in Port (Requires optional TV-Tuner Module)

Kensington Lock

1 Express Card 34 / 54 Slot

Photos (BIG 56k beware)




Reasons for Buying/How it was bought

I had a Dell 1720 (As many of you know) but was constantly having issues from it. Ill spare you the boring details suffice it to say after several months I got sick of it and ?forced? them to give me a refund. I was back on the market and this time I knew exactly what I wanted, a Desktop Replacement, Gaming machine. After a few weeks of research, I found that ?Sager? and its resellers were most likely the best bet. They had impressive review, and even more impressive systems. The pricing was not so much an issue since I got a full refund on my Dell of nearly 2400 dollars. With that I was able to customize the ?sager? and ended up looking at a vastly superior machine.

To buy I simply called up sager, and walked through customization with one of their salespersons. He was easy to understand, very helpful, seemed somewhat knowledgeable and was eager to please. It was also quite an experience to get a personal email address to respond to him, instead of a case # and a generic dell email.

Build and Design

The Sager 5792 is a tank. Weighing in at over 8lbs with physical characteristics of 15.6" (w) x 11.5" (d) x 1" ~ 1.8" (h), this thing is not exactly portable. However, for me it fits the need of desktop replacement. The build is really quite impressive, after having a Dell touching the keypad of the Sager was an eye opener. There is NO bend or give to the keyboard, the touchpad has an excellent feel, and the whole system seems incredibly sturdy. As another put it, the Dell is a Toy while the Sager is a real Notebook. Style wise, the 5792 is simple, but a good simple. Its not overly flashy but still looks real pretty, and the orange striping adds to its ?Gamer? appeal. The only downside, it is a fingerprint magnet!


I opted for the Matte WSXGA+ 1680x1050 display. The display is very nice, no graininess, it is sharp, with very little left/right light bleed. When brightness is maxed on this monitor it almost looks as glossy as my WUSXGA 1900x1200 Dell offered. Unfortunately after 2 days of use, I did end up with a ?Stuck? pixel (not a dead pixel so there is hope!) Frankly I am surprised I even noticed it, it is miniscule, and I mean MINISCULE and only shows up on the blackest background screens. Other than that, it is a solid monitor.


Realtek HD Audio support produces excellent sound quality. It doesn?t get as loud as I wish it could, but then again it is just laptop speakers. Mostly I use a Plantronics DSP GameCom Pro anyway.

Processor and Performance


This system has the Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 @ 2.4Ghz w/ a 800Mhz FSB. This coupled with 4 Gigs of RAM, and that oh so nice nVidia 8800MGTX 512MB DDR3 means awesome performance in all applications and games.

Game Performance/3dMark Info/WEI

Call of Duty 4: All Settings on High, Anti-Aliasing 4x, Resolution 1680x1050

The game runs beautiful, no spiking and a silky smooth frame-rate.







EVE-Online: New High End Graphics Installation Package, Settings Maxed, Window Mode (Just the way I play)

In Station Frame Rates of over 200FPS, in space and in action Framerates never dip below 70FPS, game looks great.

CRYSIS Demo Game Auto detected settings, and set everything to high with Anti-Aliasing at 2x.

I played through the Demo without once experiencing any stuttering, graphicalglitches, or spikes. I am sorry no pictures for this though, Already uninstalled the game wasn?t a huge fan.

BF2/FH2 Barely functioned on my Dell, Runs without any issues at high settings. View Distance maxed out and textures maxed out.

Resolution is forced at my native 1680x1050 and have yet to have any FPS spikes, or graphical issues.





The nVidia 8800MGTX and MMXII Support!

A little extra section here to review the graphics card. Obviously, its why people buy this laptop to game. The 8800MGTX is the most powerful mobile graphics solution currently available and its performance and rendering capabilities are unparalleled. Furthermore the card is in MMXII format so it can be easily upgraded, as is the Processor. So the good news? This baby is upgradeable and really is dare I say it? Future Proof?

Heat and Noise

The Sager 5792 has been reported as overly loud, However personally I don?t think it is much louder than most notebook cooler pads. The fans do spin up to max speed fairly often and its defiantly audible, but whilst gaming you don?t notice it all. Most likely you won?t want to take it to class or the library though. The system does not feel that hot even after hours and hours of gaming, Several BIG fans are clearly doing their jobs and keeping the system well cooled. I also have a ANTEC chill mat which adds to air flow. Only after many hours of COD4 do my hands start to sweat, and to be honest I think that?s because I get nerved up ahaha.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Like I mentioned before, probably the best keyboard and touchpad I have ever used. Solidly constructed, and feels great.


Intel® 4965AGN 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN, I get the strongest and most consistent connections with this wireless card than I have ever gotten before.


Considering the Hardware in this notebook, the battery life isn?t to be considered that great. There are power saving modes and such, but I use the laptop at high performance mode. Battery life with that going is not great. I wouldn?t take it far from a plug!

Operating System

Windows Vista Home Premium (64bit) came pre-installed. Ill add there was no bloatware! This operating system seems to work just fine, albeit a few ?Vista? glitches have been noticed but nothing that 10-15 minutes of google troubleshooting cannot fix.

Customer Support

So far fantastic, they seem to actually read forums and respond quickly to customer requests, both via email and phone. In addition Re-sellers like Xiopic and Justin over at NotebookReview.com respond quickly and expertly on the forums.


The Intergrated Webcam is a nice little add-on, it also comes with a build in microphone that works reasonably well. Excellent ?port? placements for USB devices, and Finger Print swiper for those looking for additional security.


If your looking for a desktop replacement gaming laptop look no further. Sagers systems blow other laptops out of the water, and come with the latest in high end hardware. This system is a stable, gaming monster!


Incredibly powerful gaming graphics

Strong Sturdy Build

Good Customer Support

Reasonable Pricing

Simple and Stylish



Somewhat Loud

Low Battery Life


*Note all testing, and use of this laptop has been done with entirely stock drivers, ie. this is straight from the box performance. I am sure better results can be achieved with newer graphics drivers ect. ect.

For reference the nVidia driver in use on this laptop is the stock 167.43 driver.

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Very nice review! love the screenshots! do u think i will be able to run CoD4 somewhat? 8400M GT 256mb card?

on www.canyourunit.com, i got half way past "recommended"

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:) i love the MXM part.

Nice layout as well.

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Guest juniorjunior
Thanks for the review. I was already leaning toward this model, and your review cinched it.

Excellent review. I have recently ordered the 5796 version and am happy to say that my experience with the Sager sales team has been pain free and really a pleasure to work with. They have treated me on a personal level that I have not seen in the market with direct phone extensions and phone/email updates while my rig is being built. I am getting the X9100 chip 3.06 and the nvidea 9800m gtx and decided to build similar systems on some of the other manufacturer's sites- what I found was an astonishing difference in price.

I spec'd out a similar rig on Ailenware's site (with a lesser chip and video card- 2.8ghz and twin 512mb vid cards) and the price came out to a whopping $5,000.00 + . For a system with newer and faster hardware my Sager notebook came in over $1,000.00 less than alien's price. I am eagerly awaiting my rig and will post a full review on it's performance after I take delivery in september/08

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Nice review and thanx for sharing! :) :)

I really love to see laptop review and benchmarking... ^^

btw, can I put your review in my blog?

I'll link back to this thread and put your nick as the reviewer, and if you have site, let me know, I'll linked back to your site too. How's that?

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Yes you can use it - thats no problem.

I am considering writing an "updated" review talking about this system 1 year later as I still love it!!

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Thank you! I'm a little bit busy now, but I'll put your review as soon as possible.

I'll tell you after I post the review. :)

Please feel free to update it, and I'll try to post it too in the blog.

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The review has been posted here. :)

I hope you post the update soon. :)

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