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Several Legacy Nvidia tweaks


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These used to be part of RivaTuner and nVHardPage but after some inquiries I finally got the settings from some people so here they are. They most affect older games so they should help on 2k/XP and even Vista.

D3D_18078188 %REG_DWORD% 0x674726549 ; Enable Flush After Blit

D3D_20466189 %REG_DWORD% 0x82455620 ; Fog Table Emulation

D3D_22355415 %REG_DWORD% 0x1962959106 ; wait After Blit

D3D_37210571 %REG_DWORD% 0x311456816 ; Enable Direct3D Cursor Caps Color

D3D_24464826 %REG_DWORD% 0x336824211 ; Limit queue Direct Frame Buffer Blits

D3D_38375933 %REG_DWORD% 0x613512706 ; Video Texturing

D3D_52971801 %REG_DWORD% 1 ; Enable Texture Formats for DX7

D3D_54082152 %REG_DWORD% 1 ; Enable Texture Formats for DX8

I'm still asking this guy who works on the RivaTuner team to tell me if there are any more, but he said these are the most useful. here's some more he got for me from their code base. He said these are less than useful but still might see some usage but minimally.

D3D_26771978 %REG_DWORD% 0x101132695 ; Enable Nvidia Logo

D3D_66085499 %REG_DWORD% 0x924293392 ; Enable Direct Mapping

D3D_92521178 %REG_DWORD% 1 ; Enable PCI Texture Memory Limit Size

D3D_A6489764 %REG_DWORD% 1 ; Enable Z-Bias

OGL_NV25Emulate %REG_DWORD% 1 ; Enable GeForce 4 Emulation

OGL_NV20Emulate %REG_DWORD% 1 ; Enable GeForce 3 Emulation

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