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HD DVD's with 8600m GT 512mb


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Hi, i was wondering if any one with the technicle mind can help me with this problem.

I have a laptop that is an Acer model - 7720G. it has a Nvidia 8600m GT 512mb memory, and a HD dvd drive along with a screen that supports a 1920x1200 resolution screen.

I installed the driver version - 167.43 with the modded .INF and all works wonders with every game i've tried. However when i tried a HD DVD, file types are .Bup and .Evo uppon the Cyberlink Power DVD 7 media player, it gave me the error message un-compatible display driver. If any one has any solutions to patches to the display driver or an alternative HD DVD player application, i'm all ears

The reason i would like to use the driver version 160+ is becuase its a much more updated driver to the provided one from the retail, and i would like to play games uppon the version, just as every one else would do.

Thanks for your time, and i hope i'm not the only person with this problem :)

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You may want to try 169.25. That seems to be nvidia's latest beta that is stable. Be sure to grab it from here and use the modded .ini, otherwise it may not work with your gpu. Also, I have the same 8600m GT 512mb and the new 171.xx drivers work wonders for gaming performance. If 169.25 does not work, then you may want to try these.



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Take a look at this topic. Despite the thread title, it applies to both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.

In a nutshell, you need a WHQL driver to play most HD DVDs, and using a modded inf breaks the WHQL. However, one of the posters discovered a way to install newer WHQL drivers even though they may not be intended for your specific GPU.

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Thanks i will try that, tho the 8600m GT was not in the supported list for the driver 169.25. i'm guessing it worked for you for your card, games and HD/blu ray dvds ?

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