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ALL IN ONE: Questions about the GeForce 8600M GT SLI


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Ok...I have many questions:

- I have the Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT SLI, with my new "Gaming Notebook"(lol) the european Version of the X205-SLi3 (X200-21L)

>What's the very latest Driver for my GF?

>How could I install them on my Laptop, and what should i do with the Inf. dats? i read some explications about it, but i don't understand anything^^? *noob*

>When I'm going to the Nvidia system-control, i can activate the SLI- mode.but the games are running still very slow (like Oblivion---Crysis is working-i dont know^^)

>What Programms could i install or wat things could i do, that my pc is running faster, especially in games?

>I know, i have an Intel chipset, not an nvidia chipset, which is not so goog i think, but can anyone of you explain, what i could do, and what the problem is ?

>how could i overclock my GPU and my CPU, that i become a bit more power?

>Why shows me my Vista only one GPU, when i'm looking for it, i have two! (is the chipset the reason?)

[[[ ...and now, i only want to search for a rope and a hook on my ceiling...]]]

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Oblivion and Crysis wont run any faster for 2 reasons:

1. your CPU limited before your GPU limited, this means your CPU is limiting your high end games causing a bottleneck on your system which in turn doesnt allow your SLI setup to scale as well as it could.

2. the 8600M GT's are crap... harsh but fair, yes they'll be ok for older, less demanding games, but oblivion and Crysis... forget it, put the dream to bed that you can run those on high detail, drop the res and drop the detail.

SLI is VERY VERY dependant on 2 things, a powerful CPU and a BIG screen resolution. if your lacking in either then you simply wont see the scaling that SLI is really capable of.

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OH MY GOD^^ I already think that you would say something like that^^

But now, its to late...I put my Money in this Laptop...actual, i wanna buy a Alienware laptop or this german mark "CyberSystem" but, this costs A FUCKIN LOT^^

> You missunderstood something^^ I say: "Crysis is working-i dont know" ...thats the fact...Crysis is working well, but Oblivion...i only say: on average 5 fps...Medium-


but, can you /anyone else answer me this:

> Whats the very latest/recent Driver for my GeForce 8600M GT SLi (-crap) ?

> Which Driver should I pick for the "best" graphic- performance, at Games like Oblivion or Crysis???

> Which programmes or tools could you recommend, to improve my graphic-performance, and to try to overclocking (or stuff like that^^) my CPU/GPU?

BUT THE FUNNIEST THING EVER: My first Laptop: Asus A6T: AMD Turion ---1.6GHz---, 2 GB RAM, GeForce 7600 256MB>> On this Pc, all my games are running VERY well...why are my new laptop so bad? is the reason the intelchipset, or Vista?

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best drivers are the latest - 169.28's

personally i wouldnt overclock a laptop, but ntune, riva tuner, atitool are all good.

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Thank You Very Much for your help!

>>>Another Question: As you can read in my last post, my old Laptop was not so good, but there, i could play whatever i want on high resolutions/settings...now, i have a "better" laptop...but Oblivion isn't running at all! can you understand that? *confused*

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