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Guest Dreadnum

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Guest Dreadnum


I recently install your driver 169.28 with the mod .inf, (before I had the same driver but official with only the inf to recognize my 8600m GS) and when I do a 3DMark 2006 I have 2530, whereas I had 2620 with 169.28 official. 100points is not a lot, but when I reinstall official 169.28, I keep the same score 2530 and no more 2620. I would like to understand why that.

Are you drivers modified in order to improve quality and a bit less performance?

Why I reinstall the other driver I don't have 2620 again?

Are your drivers modifying the register base or other things that could stay after desinstallation of your driver?

How to have my old score?

Of course I desinstall with Driver Cleaner or other in safe mode but I don't return my old score of 2620...



PS:sorry for my english :)

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90 points is insignificant and can easily be due to whatever background tasks might be running at the moment, or possibly a slight difference in the 3D settings.

Having said that, if the WHQL unmodded driver works for you, you should use it. Copy-protected HD video aren't viewable with non-WHQL drivers, and using a modded inf breaks the WHQL. Between that and a slightly better benchmark, you've no need for a modded driver.

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Guest dreadnum

Yes it's ok that 90 points is nothing, but I just wanted to know if your driver could leave special tweak in my PC even afer desinstallation, that could influence even with another driver...

And my brother has the same laptop and he does always 2620 with official driver, and since I have install your driver and desinstall, I can no more have this score, but we are the same 3D settings, same services, running tasks.....

It was just to understand if it could be your driver or not?

In all cases, For the moment I prefer your driver, because I had often blackscreen at windows startup with official one, and I have to reboot...

Thanks :)

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