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Quadro 320M colour "bleeding" in non-native resolutions


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Hi and thanks for the great forum, hope I can find some guidance here for a very confusing problem.

I've just bought a HP 8710p, which has a Quadro 320M GPU. In *some* non-native res's, colours "bleed" or "fringe" (not sure what the correct term is) when solid blocks of colour are beside each other. Not evident in photos, only with flat colour areas. For example:


(mock-up of what I see in the Colour Settings page of the nVidia control panel)

As you can see, it looks like a badly compressed jpeg, with colour blocks "fringing" beside each other. I've tried various tests and these are the results:

1. An old Samsung external panel plugged in performs 100% crisp in all its non-native resolutions. (My old ASUS M4N also performs perfectly in all res)

2. Resolutions *below* 1280 pixels across (i.e. from 1176x664 down to 800x600) perform fine, without fringing, all colour borders crisp.

3. Resolutions 1280 across and above exhibit the fringing effect, except of course its native res of 1920x1200.

4. HP has swapped the panel twice now, from an LG to a Samsung back to an LG again, results are the same.

Sooo... At first I thought it was the panel, now I think it's a driver or GPU hardware issue. But I'd love to know if anyone has had similar experiences or knows something about this problem. I have the latest drivers from the HP site for this machine, and even tried the Forceware which turns it into an 8700M-GT, but no change in the fringing behaviour.

Considering an external panel scales 100% ok, and *three* different internal panels in this machine don't, I'm stumped.. very weird problem!

Any advice appreciated!

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