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Video Memory Stress Test v1.5.112


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Video Memory Stress Test v1.5.112 (2008-05-31)

This test allows you to completely test your video RAM within Windows. It tests all video RAM accessible to DirectX.

The best way to quickly check stability in Windows after overclocking.





Video Memory Stress Test v1.20 Clean Environment (CE)

Needs to be run from a bootable CD or floppy. It tests all video RAM accessible by 32-bit CPU address space.

More reliable as RAM is directly accessed (no DirectX, drivers or interfaces interfere).




http://files.laptopvideo2go.com/vmt/vmtce_v1.20_iso.zip (ISO)

http://files.laptopvideo2go.com/vmt/vmtce_v1.20_floppy.zip (FLOPPY)

Notes for Best Practice:

  • DirectX 7.0 or better must be installed (DirectX 9 is recommended).
  • Before testing all graphical applications (editors, viewers, players, games etc.) must be closed.
  • Monitor standby function must be deactivated.
  • Before start testing, program prompts for changing video mode to 640x480x16 (for able to capture more video RAM), and it is recommended to agree. Your actual video mode will be restored after test ending (or canceling).
  • For better check it is recommended to perform test two times: with square surfaces (for example 1024x1024) and with rectangle surfaces (for example 256x1024).
  • Do not think what addresses of fail points is physical addresses. These values represents only logical offsets and writed for information and analytic purposes.
  • Output of big count of errors vary decreases test speed. For disable error output uncheck flag "Log errors". Counting of errors in field "Errors found" continues.
  • Because the way of test data is vary long (system memory - memory controller - bus - GPU - video RAM), sometimes can be found errors, what are not mean videocard fault.
    Recognize these errors is possible by random addresses and bits. In any case, before testing, all system overclocking must be disabled (except videocard, if it testing for check stability after overclocking).
  • While test in progress, do not change any video options.
  • Do not ignore 16-bit modes! Many GPU show decreased stability of memory controller in these modes.

Known issues:

  • Because of problems with determining of actual video RAM size on cards with any memory extension technology (like TurboCache or HyperMemory), can be necessary to specify correct megabyte count in command line.
  • Cards of Radeon HD 38xx and 2xxx series (may be also some others of same generations) has problems with direct memory reading and if on this card test shows many different errors, "Onscreen buffer" mode must be selected.

Author's Homepage:


or in english


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updated to v1.5.112

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Does it detect the recent nvidia issue (GPU Failure) ?

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