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Toshiba X200 Issues


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Hi peoples, Im new, I recently bought a Toshiba X200 Laptop and am having some problems with the graphics...

I installed the latest drivers i could get (from the release 170 section), one improvement was i could enable/re-enable SLI without having to reboot, but other than that, things arent as good as i expected...

Crysis is sort of stable when playing on medium settings, but still jerky for brief, but often periods. playing at high setting runs like crap and very high is probably 1fps max....

UT3 demo runs ok-ish on default settings again, but still kinda jerky fairly often...

Unreal GOTY edition runs on maxed settings (not surprisingly) but for some reason I have to up the game speed to like 160% otherwise it runs slowly (smoothly, but really slow), its really wierd...

even with SLI off i dont seem to get the kind of performance id expect, even on medium settings of current games...

So, what i want to know is - Ive got 2 nVidia 8600M GT 256MB graphics cards in SLI, are they just total s***, or do i need to tune up Vista, or should i switch to XP (if thats even possible)

Im so clueless, id appreciate anyone with knowledge giving me any pointers...

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If you look at the tests on the internet you'll see that even a dual 8800Ultra on a desktop with a quadcore can't run crysis in very high settings with a higher resolution than 1280*1024 and it's running at 25fps ! So do not expect to do better with a dual 8600 !

Under XP you would have better perfomance, that's for sure, between 10 and 20% I guess, for what i've seen under my config.

You may be able to play in high settings but not everything, shadows and shaders require a lot of work for the card, so put it under medium, it should be playable.

The notebook 8600 aren't as powerfull as the desktop ones (8700 is equivalent to a good desktop 8600) but you can try oc them to gain 10 or 15 % more fps. That's not huge but it could help a bit.


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