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My Proposal for a C90 upgrade

Guest themanwithsauce

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Guest themanwithsauce

Okay, all my fellow Asus C90s owners out there, we all sahre the pain of being burdened with a mere 8600gt while the rest of the world plays with the 8800. Well I am tired of the 8600's performance and I have always been an ati fan so I want an answer once and for all - can the x1900 be made to work in the C90s? And don't give me the MXM II vs. MXM III card crap. There is an MXM type I/II laptop that was able to get the x1900 working fine in it. So the card will fit in the slot. I have modified the case for additional cooling and air to get to the card and the C90's built in fan pack out back will provide cooling. I also upgraded to the 120w power supply. Once my tax refund check comes in (just did my taxes 3 days ago) I will use some of that money to purchase the card if the answers to my next few questions are what I hope for -

1) Why would the x1900 work in the Fujitsu with MXM I/II formfactor?

2) What are the physical dimensions of the card?

3) how much power does it draw?

4) What would you recommend I do to the heatsink? There are multiple diagrams on the internet so pick one to reference for any changes you suggest

5) Would this be considered high enough gain (probably any C90 owner upset with their video card) to grant me whatever money breaks you offer to those willing to be the first? And what are those gains? Free shipping?

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The card will simply not fi. The notebook does not have the physicall space to accomadte the card.

You can't park a BMW 7 series in a carpark designed for a Vespa.

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