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TV detection disappearing?

Guest Gismosh

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Guest Gismosh

So I have a nVidia 8600M GT on laptop and up until now, I've had no problem using a s-video to composite video to connect to my TV. It has simply disappeared. Here's what happened:

I had the nVidia control panel open and I was switching the single display from my laptop monitor to the TV. The first few times, it didn't work. And then I realized that the TV wasn't even on and it had been picking up the whole time, just that I couldn't see it. So right when I turn on the TV, I catch the very end of the "Do you want to keep these settings?" dialog and then it reverts back to the lappy monitor. Everything is fine for a few moments, and then the lappy monitor flickers a few times, and then it no longer gives me the option of selecting any other display combinations other than "single: laptop monitor."

I'm lost on this. I've cold booted with the s-video plugged in and not plugged in. I uninstalled and reinstalled drivers (this actually resulted in me losing the nVidia control panel. what the hell?).

Anyone have any ideas?

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Guest Gismosh

Alright, huge update:

Went over to a friends house who has a ton of adapters, cables, and TVs I didn't have access to at my house. Given this, we were able to test that:

HMDI output works (meaning all output on the card isn't dead)

S-Video to HD works (even though it's black and white, it still picks it up. meaning that the adapter I was using for s-video to composite isn't dead)

S-Video to S-Video works (meaning who knows)

So, my friends and I concluded that for some reason that composite video simply is no longer recognized by my video card. But because that composite video uses two of the 4 pins that s-video, we can say that it is probably *not* a hardware issue, and because I was goobering hard initially with the change video output settings, it is most likely a software issue (since it was flickering over and over, then my choices went away).

In conclusion:

Has anyone had problems with failing composite output on nVidia GeForce 8600m GT?

I honestly don't expect anyone to have this problem, since it seems too crazy, so if all else fails, I'll nuke my computer to reset anything that might be conflicting with composite detection.

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Guest graphics_geek

When i changed my graphics driver, i started seeing the same issue. I used 3/08 version from the HP website and TV was getting detected as HDTV.

But then i swiched back to the original 11/07 driver and it came back up again. I think 8600 and the new driver are not compatible in detecting the TV. for me the control panel was showing nVidia control panel. But SDTV was detected as HDTV and no display on the TV.

Try reverting your driver or go back couple of versions.

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1) "Roll back" to the old drivers from device manager. If you dont know what that means: Switch to the old drivers by unistalling them from Add/Remove Programs. "Rolling back" is same but an easier method.

2) Copy-Paste the files "nvvitvs.dll" and "nvvitvsr.dll" from X:\Windows\System32 to another location and keep them for future use. DO NOT CUT PASTE THEM. Lets say you keep them in My Documents.

3) Install the new drivers and reboot when asked.

4) After reboot, copy those files back to X:\Windows\System32. Choose Overwrite when computer asks you. Reboot your computer and try connecting your TV.

** Dont delete those files in My Documents. If next time you update your display drivers and have problems with TV out, do the same trick.

This time since you will already have those files, you wont have to uninstall anything. Just overwrite, reboot and enjoy the full use of new drivers for games! Make a backup of those files if you can.

Your TV should work fine after this. This solution always worked for me. I have an 128mb GeForce 8400m GS. I figured the solution out from NVIDIA control panel "System information" option.

Please let me know if this works for you. Post it on other forums if it does.

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Nice... I'll try asap... which means inmediatly if this works ur gonna be my new best friend :P

EDIT: It didn't work... I'll have to mod the inf file :)

Anyway thank you very much :)

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Similar problem. My laptop will recognise my Toshiba TV as being plugged in but can't get any picture no matter what hd resolution I choose. This is after I had my graphics card replaced, same model of card, the tv will go black and flash but never any picture. It used to just plug and play on hdmi - really odd. I'm using an hdmi cable and it works fine with my new small samsung hdtv. Don't know what the problem could be, any suggestions?

Also have a 8600M GS nvidia

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