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February is a special month, the website has it's birthday on the 10th (4 years old)

Well this only applies to laptopvideo2go, Teraphy had nVision forum and I did a very basic website a year earlier.

This month means some more changes to the webiste and how we appear to the outside world (old driver server accounts expire)

But here is what keeps the website running:


Dual 2.8Ghz Xeon HT

2x73GB 10K SCSI HD's


100Mbps upload

2.5TB Bandwidth

This server is costing us US$232/month


2 x 15TB/month servers hosted by Lunarpages costing $24.95/month each.

So a huge thanks to those who contribute with donations to keeping the site running.

We hope that we provide a service that is lacking with Notebook OEM's and dare I say it, nVidia.

Our main aim is to still look after the lackluster Notebook nVidia OEM graphics driver market.

The Modded INFs try to solve as many problems as possible and enable as much as possible.

But I cannot allow for all laptop/desktop/quadro comibinations of tweaks.

If you have and thoughs, fixes, or just want to chat feel free to pop in.

We're still one of the few places where guest posting is still AOK.

Enough banter from me, get back to those drivers.

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