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XPS M170 Overheating (And a possible solution)


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I did a lot of searching, and apparently a lot of M170's are overheating just like mine. I'm using Vista X86, and tried a lot of drivers. Dell's "original" drivers do look bad, at least with HL2 EP2. And with 150-160 drivers, my notebook is just closes itself after a bit of gaming. (3 minutes) With the 171.16 drivers it doesn't shut down, but at 105 C, PowerMizer enables coreclockdown, and the games start heavy stuttering. I tried underclocking , from 400/1060 even to 320/920, didn't seem to work.

So now, i'm thinking of increasing the voltages with a change on the Video Bios. (From 1.1V to 1.2V) Would it work, or will it get even worse?

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Hi there, i had the same problem. Solution was that one of my fans wasn't running at full speed anymore. And what i think was the reasons for that was missing airflow in the coppercooler caused by dust. There was a mat of dust just between the fan and the cooler so that there was nearly no airflow anymore. I open my Laptop at least every 5-6months now to remove the dust. A manual how to open your notebook you find here --> http://support.euro.dell.com/support/edocs...en/sm/index.htm

I also like to add that my graphicscard was damaged by overheating and had to be replaced, thank god i could extend my warranty at Dell.

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