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Merry Xmas and Season Greetings.


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and season greetings Guys and Gals,

I'm away for a few days, over here it's summer and time for BBQs and cold beers by the pool.

Although I do miss a white Xmas.

Enjoy the festivities, and don't waste too much time with drivers over the next few days, get out and enjoy. (I'm going to)

Have a safe Xmas,


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Thanks, Pieter... Most appreciated. And, of course, the same to you and Nyree and you're new little one. Have a wonderful holiday!


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thank you pieter.

Came back today from holiday. Had 2 weeks P-Burgh and Miami. "Code Orange" security hype sucked. But nevertheless people in the states were still nice and friendly. Had a 4 hour LOTR marathan and it was breathtaking like you and lots of other people told.

Any breaking news in here??

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