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169.38 is out


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This driver is for and from the game Pirates of the Burning Sea

DriverVer = 01/30/2008,

The newest drivers by over 2 weeks :)

WinXP x86

WinXP x64

Vista x86

Vista x64

INFs will follow in a few hours, as I'm about to reinstall Vista, been awhile since I last had a tidy up.

Just grab INF from 169.61 or similar for those that can't wait :)

Be back in a few hours all going well.

Back with a nice clean OS.

INFs made and uploaded.

Get to it.

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Just a thought, maybe you should wait to reinstall Vista until SP1 is out, because it is just around the corner. I am planning to do a clean install as well soon as I'm quite OCD when it comes to keeping the OS clean and tidy (I reformat at least probably 5-6x a year), but I am going to wait until SP1 is out, then do a clean install of Vista with SP1 and install all latest drivers, programs etc. Just my 2 cents...

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I'm beta testing SP1 (officially)

Ive been on SP1 beta for months now and wanted to test RC.

But RC installs but won't accept my bought Ultimate CD-key :)

Can't have a crippled laptop in 3 days so I ended back with SP1 beta which has been really good for me and why it took me so long to try RC

SP1 looks to be out ofiicially in March, so may do it again then :)

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Guest Erick Hartung

Hi. I've been on the SP1 beta as well, and I also have the RC1. You are not supposed to use your cd-key, as this is informed by Microsoft. You have 30 days to activate it (which you would not be allowed to do), but Microsoft itself tells you to make that registry change to have 30 more days, so you can still you your computer. They just removed it from the Partners (MSDN) website and it will be available to download soon. Retail its coming out on March, as stated here before.

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Once I installed it, it tells me I've only got 3 days to activate it.

I try to activate but it fails.

I can't take the risk of a non working lappy so, back to beta, which works just fine..

Laptop is sometimes on for a week or more in row, with no issues (XP was not so user friendly)

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