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Driver-based external LCD problem with Sony SZ series

Doc. Caliban

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I have a Sony VGN-SZ340P with a Go 7400 GPU.

When I bought the laptop, the first thing I did was to format it and do a clean install of XP. I loaded all of the 'official' drivers from the Sony download site, including their supplied 7400 driver. With this driver I cannot use my Samsung 244T display (1920x1200). I can, however, use a basic 17" Dell LCD (1280x1024).

The next thing I did was to download a driver from LaptopVideo2Go, though I don't remember which one, and install it. I was then able to use the Samsung.

I have recently formatter the machine again and reinstalled everything. However, I cannot get the Samsung to work again. I don't want to try drivers blindly, so the only one I've tried so far is the official 84.63 driver from nvidia.com. When I try to install it, it tells me that it can't find a compatible GPU. Since the drivers are for the mobile GPU's, I figure it has something to do with the Sony OEM or something. I downloaded the modified inf from this site and used it to get the official nvidia drivers to install. I am still not able to use the Samsung.

In short, I need to find out which driver will allow me to use the Samsung LCD.


Thanks for your time,



I've attached my NERD log file.

Also, I've noticed that while the laptop does in fact recognize that the monitor is there, it reduces the color depth to 16-bit if I set the resolution to 1920x1200. (Not that it ever send a signal to the monitor in the first place.) Again, this must be driver related because I ran this monitor if full-res @32-bit with this laptop for a few months with a different driver.


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