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Terrible News, my i9400/E1705 has died


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After 18months of faithful service my Dell i9400/E1705 has died.

I'm fairly sure it's the video card, it looks to have overheated, as when I pulled it out of the laptop it was still quite warm.

The vents had build up with dust (CPU and Video) and no doubt caused the heat build up.

Had been keeping an eye on the temps (low 60's) up until last week when I reinstalled Vista but not nTune.

I was happily typing up a new post here on the new Core 2 Duo Peryn (45nm) CPU's that are coming out (some are already out)

The mouse stopped moving followed by a few secs later the screen going blank (backlight still worked)

Rebooting machine took a few goes but went back to desktop in Vista but only lasted a few seconds and mouse freeze then screen went blank.

Reboot again but this time screen had some odd looking graphics for a split second then nothing except the back light.

Pulled the laptop completely apart gave everything a clean, but nothing, my baby is dead :P

Anywho, now I'm in a bind, do I get a new lappy or do I replace the video card ?

Does anyone have a spare Dell E1705/M1710/i9400:

Go7800(GTX) Ebay $360

Go7900GS Ebay $195

Go7900GTX Ebay $230

Go7950GTX Ebay $450

Quadro FX1500 Ebay $129

Quadro FX2500 Ebay $199

Quadro FX3500 Ebay $399

If yes and you are willing to ship this thing to New Zealand step right up.

Quite appy to pay for it and the shipping costs.

Reply back here and I'll PM any interested party

Other thing is to upgrade my machine now, I was waiting for a Quad Core machine that will no doubt come out in the future.

Lots of thinking and juggleing to do.

In the mean time here I am on my Wifes Dell D820 (at least it's got a nV based GPU)

Any help here appreciated.


Not much else to do but try out various things:

Video card in, machine boots then after a few minutes crashes and resets.

The heat pipe gets really hot after a few minutes (mind you with it @60+ idle before problem, it will be hot to the touch)

The video fan comes on so this still works.

With no video card the machine just turns the power light on and nothing else.

I'll see if I can take the lappy in all it's pieces to work tomorrow and attach it to a external monitor, to rule out the Inverter.


Just got the heatsink of the Video card and noticed the bottom heat-plate that sits over the 4xRAM chips was discoloured where the RAM chips heat pads are.

So I can safely assume the RAM is causing my grief.

Upon closer inspection 2 of the other 4 RAM chips (4 chips per side) were grey in colour not the bright black the other chips are.

I cleaned off the AS5 I put on a year ago, this was in better condidition than the CPU.

Replaced the AS5 then put the heartsink back together again.

Pulling the heatsink apart requires special tools a tiny star shaped screw driver or alan-key is needed (I had neither but improvised)

Without the proper tools dont' contemplate doing this your self.

I plugged my work LCD display in (DB15), and powered up.

The BIOS splash screen popped up :)

But there was pixelation on this screen the Vista boot screen (where it askes to boot normally or Safemode bla bla) was fine.

Didn't have a key board so couldnt' test further.

This gave me hope of having a semi workin machine, I take the machine back home plug the LCD back and nothing :P

Machine boots, but no picture :rofl:

Will zip around to a mates place and grab a CRT and see if I can lower the Memory/core speeds to as low as they will go.

Then possibly I can use it till replacement turns up.

[update III]

A very kind soul has taken pity on me and I'm awaiting a go7900GS from Dallas TX

Thanks for those who offered me their cards, it's very much appreciated.

Will be good to get my machine working again.

I just hope there is nothing else wrong (crosses fingers)

[update IV]

I'm back, well sort of :)

The Laptop is back in action, but still in pieces.

The LCD works again, and no funny pixelation on the screen.

Really weird, for hours the LCD refused to turn on.

Went back to work grabbed my old CRT monitor, and this worked but with pixelation on the BIOS splash screen.

Just as a thought I plugged the LCD in and now both displays work.

Unplugged the CRT and LCD continues to work.

Quickly installed nTune and watch the temp rocket up to 70degC, machine crashed and after restart I quickly zipped over to the overclock page and lowered the core/mem to 92/126Mhz (lowest)

Temp went down to 46 but while typing this has shot back up to 56 now cruising back down again.

I'm using 156.69 which Vista found as a driver update online, powermizer doesn't work but overclocking does.

Strange happenings, hopefully this will last me till the replacement arrives.

Hopefully this may come in useful for someone in the same predicament in the future.

[update V]

Next morning now.

GPU temp climbs to 77degC and then the CPU fan comes on and cools thing down to 65degC and stop, GPU climbs back to 77degC and CPU fan starts again.

In the mean time the GPU fan is spinning all the time, now I can can't tell if it's spinning fast or in it's slower mode.

I would assume slower mode, with the lack of cooling going on.

Also quite odd that the CPU can draw or push air all the way accross the other side of the laptop.

The CPU is stopping the GPU from cooking (thankfully).

Before going to bed last night the GPU was stuck on 60degC and didn't budge, wonder if going to stanby has anything to do with it.

This has me really baffled.

Is there an app that control fan switching for the i9400, Fangui in it's various forms doens't work in Vista x64, this was a really useful app before I went x64.

This has become quite a book now.

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Hello, I just replaced my 7900GS in my E1705 with a 7900GTX. The 7900GS is in perfect shape never overclocked. I'm going to put the card on Ebay but let me know directly to my email if you are interested in the card ebaygus at yahoo.com

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The heatsinks on the 9300/9400/17XX/XPS2 chassis do tend to get some dust in them, but I'm not sure it would really be enough to kill a GPU or CPU unless it built up quite a bit. Usually it's the GPU fan going out that does it, but that's unfortunate either way if it kills the GPU. My 6800 stayed at ~68 degrees when my GPU fan died (after more than a year of heavy use), which let me use it just fine until a warranty replacement fan arrived. I would have thought the 7900GS would be similar. If you do get a replacement 7900GS, you might consider replacing the fans while you're in there and cleaning the heatsinks anyway.

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check ur PM... i think its time u upgrade to a more powerful sechs machine.

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If I get a new GPU then it's still a risk that something else might be causing my issues, ie Inverter

The Machine boots still to the Vista, but just can't see anything.

Was very similar to when I buggered up my go7900GS BIOS flash.

A new system will ofcourse bypass all the risks, but without going to expensive desktop CPU based lappies not much will be gained by going to Santa Rosa based CPU (even the new Penryn)

My plan was to wait for a Quad core penryn CPU, not out in the near future but hopefully soon.

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To save time PMing every one.

If you have something to replace my go7900GS PM me.

With a price you want for it.

I'll also consider a go7800 just to get this thing going again.

I'm lost already without it and my Wife frowns at me with her laptop on my lap :)

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Like you said, It's a bit risky to shell out a whole lotta cash when you're not even sure if that's the issue. It could be the actual mobo/chipset or something... Anyway, I took a quick glance on eBay.. Here is a Quadro FX 1500M for a lower price... I'm not too savvy on all the mobile cards anymore, but it seemed cheap enough.


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Yip I've got that one booked marked :)

Added Buy-now prices to the above list.

Still weighing up wether to get a i1720.

I still need to the i9400 going really as it's worthless as is.

I'm pretty sure it's the video, as it does still boot but in darkness.

Thanks so far for those who have offered their support, I'll look at them all.

Will make a decision soon (next couple of days)

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thats a very bad news :) deepest sympathy, g00d news r u gonna have a new graphic card! (or maybe Quad Core lappy!!1) :)

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Limited funds = current quad core = lots of $$ = NO :)

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I feel sorry for you...

You won't be sure at 100% if you run the test on an external screen. Because the source of the problem can be both the screen and the graphic card.

Sometimes PC elements like to die in pairs or more. Of course this type of worst case scenario usually pop when the power supply dies.

I put my money on the dead screen. But with Vista slightly higher strain on GPU... you never know. 60°C IDLE is hot... too hot to touch for more than an instant.

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Not to poke at your misfortune mobilenvidia but, let this be a lesson to everyone. Please maintain and clean your desktop or laptop PC regularly to remove dust and debris build-up that may contribute to system failure and overheating. BTW hope you get it fixed... have you tried seeking help from Dell on warranty servicing and/or repairs/refurbishing?

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Limited funds = current quad core = lots of $$ = NO :)

or w8 for birthday! :)

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oh man crap that really sucks :)

hey, did you try the vga output connect to another monitors?

and when you took it apart, does your lappy have thermal grease or thermal pad for the heatsinks??? as thermal pad are sucky and could be the cause of overheating.

btw, its interesting that you can actually replace the video card in a lappy, does this only applies to dell or can it be done with any lappy???

so, for example if its a dell lappy, does it have to be replaced with the same exact dell part or can you replace it with any other OEM parts???

are videocards in lappy have the same sizes/dimensions to fit inside???

or uses the same pci-E/AGP connectors???

sorry about the questions...

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Yes a lesson will hopefully be learned from my incident.

Buy a can of compressed and maybe every 3 months (at the most) blow a heap into any vents and under the keys (not in speaker vents though)

When I pulled the laptop apart the fins on the fans were also coated in dust.

This is harder to get off, but even minimising will help a great deal.

I can rule out the power supply as it's being used now with the D820, which does ofcourse draw a little less power with it's lowly Quadro NVS120M (go7400)

I did apply AS5 to the go7900GS some time back in a review I did, must be over a year now.

With my current tools at home I cannot take the heatsink off.

I'll attempt to do so later if I can find something to get those star shaped screws undone. :grrr:

I did the CPU at the same time and redid it yesterday.

The compound looked to have dried (not completely)

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I have an e1705 with basically the same config as you. go 7900gs modded to a go 7900gtx 550mhz gpu 800mhz mem. Core2 duo 7200. I hope mine doesn't quit. This is a really good laptop. I haven't had any problems with it yet.

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Looks like the Memory burned out.

Card still works with external monitor but with nasties on the screen.

New card coming Dallas, will alas take up to 2 weeks to get here.

Thanks to all who offered cards and advice.

I'll keep updating the 1st thread with things as I find them to help others to avoid or out of same situation.

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There's a proogram calles SpeedFan (I'm using version 4.33). For Dell laptops, there is an option that you can check that reads all the temps in your computer.


In the "Download" paragraph, its the link that says "SpeedFan 4.33"

When you start the program, click on "Configure" then the "Options" tab. There's a check box that says "Enable DELL Support......"

Then SpeedFan can read more temps on ur laptop.


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Well, I get 9 temperatures with my HP :)

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There's a proogram calles SpeedFan (I'm using version 4.33). For Dell laptops, there is an option that you can check that reads all the temps in your computer.


In the "Download" paragraph, its the link that says "SpeedFan 4.33"

When you start the program, click on "Configure" then the "Options" tab. There's a check box that says "Enable DELL Support......"

Then SpeedFan can read more temps on ur laptop.

I get a Priviliged Instruction error when I start SF when Dell laptop is clicked :)

No way of resetitng SF to default, I can't got the configure page to unclick it now.

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Hey Buddy,

Sorry to hear it, but guess what... mine died on me too. Sounds like the same issue. It was the wierdest thing cause I was working on it fine and then it said something in bottom right of corner of Vista like Driver Failed and then it died one me. Sounds like either overheating or Fan failure leading to the same end. I have also hooked it up to an external monitor and while I get an output it is some crazy pixelated images with vertical bars of nastiness. Is this what you were experiencing? Also I was wondering if you could let me know what kind of prices you found a 7800 Go at. I only ask because I use this for both work and school (in college) and I need a cheap fix. If anyone has any offers please PM me( I Live in Washington). Thanks alot.


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I got mine from a friend in Dallas for $75 delivered, this is a very good price since nearly 1/2 of it was postage.

Expect to pay up to around $180.

If you want cheaper the Quadro 1500M is around $129 buy now starting price of $99

There are a few GPU's on ebay, in the first post I got all the prices from there.

What started to fix mine:

Attached the external monitor got this working with vertical pixelation (blue pixels) on BIOS splash screen

Boot to Vista in Safe mode, for me the normal boot gave no picture.

Uninstall nVidia driver, and now install the std VGA driver, use a resolution that the external monitor can handle.

I then connected the LCD back up (I had it disconnected all together).

In Vista (even with just the std VGA driver) it gave me the option of dual view or mirrored, choose mirror.

From here on in things started to work again for me.

I'm now running 156.69 which I installed via driver update (ie let Vista search online)

This seems to work good for me, the card no longer over heat.

I hope this helps your predicament.

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