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Driver server shutdown again


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This is incorrect. When you Use Apache2::Geo::Mirror Module [1] (which is only needed on the master server (loadbalancer)) you only need one link. All the mirror addresses are kept in one single file which can be easily updated. The master server itself will then delegate the download to the closest mirror available. I'm not sure how this will scale with the needs of lv2g but I'm sure this could be a solution, since the master server would only need to handle the requests and then redirect the client to another mirror. Another advantage is that not only HTTP mirrors but also FTP mirrors can be used with that single link. FTP server from my experience perform much better on high volume sites (especially vsftpd).

Mirrors could be contributed by close members of the community and put under some sort of agreement (regarding data integrity and sychronization) so the mirrors are always trustworthy and up to date.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


[1]: http://search.cpan.org/~rkobes/Apache-GeoI...2/Geo/Mirror.pm

Now your talking.

I know nothing on mirroring and will do my best to avoid it :)

But I must say it looks to be the better option over Torrent and rapidshare.

So not ruling this out

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we can help you with the Traffic. We have 4x 100MBit Servers and we can host the Files as a mirror. FTP or BitTorrent download are possible.

Greatings from Germany


PS: Sorry for my english. 20 Years ago.....

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Cheers dude, PM has been sent :)

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What some other sites seem to do when they have similar issues is to install a cut down webserver with no extras such as scripting support, you then link to all your images/files to the dumb webserver from the one with the scripting.

so you have www.laptopvideo2go.com with the forums and such

and then static.laptopvideo2go.com with purely files (no php support).

This way the file transfers tie up the static server and use less cpu time.

of course, this wont help with shared hosting since you probably wont have access to install the secondary webserver software :)

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That is what we have now

The connections linking to the drivers is what is the problem (even with them on the dumbed down server)

I hope to fix this very shortly.

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