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Tecra M2 5200 Go 64M VISTA32... LOOSING MY MIND!


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Hello All.

I just recently upgraded my Tecra M2 from XP32 to Vista32 Ultimate and Im having an issue with coming out of standby. When I do, my screen wont power up. Very frustrating!

I've been playing around with about 4-5 different drivers and no luck yet.

Im wondering if anyone has had the same problem in the past and more importantly, what drivers fixed this issue.

Any responses appreciated.


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I've tried various versions of the drivers here as well with no success. Usual error 43 when I reboot after installing. One of the rundll32.exe nv**** drivers fail and won't load. I went back to the the vista WDDM version and have most of my functionality. No tools software though so I'm not sure how to get things like NVrotate or SVIDEO out working.

[off topic]

I'm also have a horrible time getting wireless going. Intel has released a vista version for the 2100 cards but I believe my card is actually a 2100A (dual 802.11AB). I tried their updated driver and it sees my AP's (currently on B networks) but gives me an error when I try to connect.

If I could get these two items working I'd be happy with my Vista install. Getting older hw working with Vista has been a pain. I did have similar issues with Ubuntu though so maybe HW is tied to the OS you bought it with. Time to go back to XP?

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