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8800gtx on sli


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HI All, can anyone help me with running sli on intel chipset? I've been allover the web,i know this is mostly a laptop site ( my laptop is an hp pavillion ) , but drivers for a desktop can't be much different.nvidea used to support intel but now i guess there making there own chipset. i've read you can use Reverse engineering a driver method to achive running sli on intel x38. does anyone know how to do this?or where i can get these drivers for my 8800gtx cards.any help would be greatly appreciated.....if this can't be done, i'll be selling my 8800gtx cards and give ati a try...............you can pm me with any help if you want .thanks :)

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Err Intel mobos dont support SLI since Nvidia does not let them...so there is no way with or without drivers that can work.

false:sli is software not hardware, nvidea can at a blink of an eye enable it on intel mobos,(http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=106212) its all in the drivers...............thanks :)

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