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174.12 is out


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64 bit versions added

My Laptop has died again, poor old Video card has given up the ghost.

My replacement Video card should arrive this week, hopfully I can revive the old one again till it does.

WinXP x86

WinXP x64

Vista x86

Vista x64

A huge thanks again to Electronic Punk for hosting/finding these :)


Laptop is partially working again.

Pulled machine apart and video card apart.

Put it all together again and managed to get a display but only in Safe mode and only on an external Monitor.

Luckily I kept my VGA extension cable from many years ago and now can at least surf again.

Due to all my current predicaments with laptop and server issues.

New drivers will be linked to their original sources.

It will also give a good example of the compression we do to drivers to save you download time.

Original Vista 174.12 = 61.2MB our compression brings this to 32.5MB or nearly 1/2 with no file loss.

This will save us bandwidth and hopefully I can get the servers back up again so the old drivers are back onlne.

I'll probably also will put the other 17x.xx drivers back to original sources where I can find them.

Once the server or hosting arrangements have been sorted we can host them here again.

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Okay scrapping the 173.90s and taking these into rotation for testing. LOL

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