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laptop is working again, woohoo :)


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My replacement go7900GS arrived this morning on the postman.

A huge thanks ot Roliath for sending me this from Texas.

It's a Rev01 card BIOS flashed to the go7900GTX.

The clocks are 600/800Mhz I struggled to get passed 580Mhz core clock on the old card.

It's so good to have working laptop again, well it did work but with external monitor and in Safemode.

This should see me right now for awhile :)

Now Driver server.

In the interem, we're going to link new driver direct from where we found them.

We'll still process them and the posts will reflect this (the actual download will be bigger than posts states).

Thanks for the kind offer of mirroring and Torrenting.

We need to be able to have 5TB of bandwidth available to run the drivers, mirrored would mean a lot more effort in keeping the files all in sync.

Also mirroring would have meant numerous servers to be able to keep up and then we'd need more to allow for future growth.

So just for now the new drivers will get the direct link treatment.

I'll get the old server going again so the 160 series and below are available again.

This is only a temporary measure just until something pop's up.

It's an inconvenience but at least all the driver will be available.

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I'm glad you got your lappy working again. I myself love me e1705. I just wish it didn't suffer from the 3.25gb memory limit. I've had no problems with mine. Hope you have many more years of luck with your lappy.

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