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Thanks man.

Edit: Iso image fixed to work on systems with more than 2 GB memory. I will test flashing inside of Windows next as that has been reported to not work.

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So.. Just to be perfectly clear here :)

I have a Dell e1705 with a Go 7900GS board. It has a stock non-modded bios version of Nibitor reports the board as G71M-U P469 sku2. That bios version seems to indicate I have a revision 0 card?

So am I correct in that I have a rev0 board. And am I also correct that I can flash this with the 790GTXZ.rom which will "turn it into" a GTX that unlocks all the pipelines and is also unlocked for timing/etc options?

Thanks much!


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Yes and yes.

Unfortunately, I was informed of some problems with the unlocked ROM on the 185.68. Powermizer does not work and it is not unlocked. I dont think any 3 of the ROM's posted worked. I had to make a new one or something to make it work. I can't remember anymore what I did. Anyway, I'd just recommend people stick with 17x and older drivers now as I'm too busy to work on this anymore.

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Dell just released 7-30-09 a bios update for a few of their video cards 8700 GT SLI- 9800M GTX and a few more. I installed the 8700 no problems-

Fixes and Enhancements- Corrects Yellow Tint Issue

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