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I have a inspiron 9300 with a Nvidia GeForce Go 6800, It has the 17" high resolution gloss screen sometime back vertical lines appeared in the screen. I now have it connected to a Hitachi 50" HDTV using a HDMI connection. (tv Is capable of 1080i, 720p)

I cannot seem to find a resolution that will correctly work with settings @ 720p I get errors when I open various programs that say : error minimum screen resolution needs to be 1024 X 768 yours settings are below that do you wish to continue?

If i select yes the program will continue but everything extends beyond the screen and everything is not visible. on the other hand If I change the screen resolution to 1080i or 1900 X 1080 Everything is readable and working except now dialog boxes are so frikking small that I cannot read the text in them.

I have tried pretty much every setting I can think of between 800X600 and 1900X1080. I went as far as testing each resolution with Normal, Large and EXTRA Large font's when this didn't seem to help I tried the DPI scale from 125 up to 200% but SOS when text on menu, icons, explorer veiw and browser view seem to be good enough to read without straning my damn eyes out I get the resolution error's and Dialog boxes scale off the screen.

I was just wondering if someone might have a solution, or version of driver that might work for me


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